Top 5 Seed Banks that Ship to USA

Top 5 Seed Banks that Ship to USA

If you live in the USA and you want to grow cannabis for personal use, you might find it a challenge to find online seedbanks that deliver to your location. It’s not just about looking for the best seed bank for USA growers but you also need to find reliable, reputable and worthwhile seedbanks.

Most seedbanks that ship internationally is unable to deliver seeds or cannabis accessories, products and headgear to customers in the US. This is why you must shop smart and be patient as you look for reputable seedbanks for your cannabis growing needs.

But before you start looking for US cannabis seed banks, make sure that you understand cannabis growing, use and buying rules from where you are located. You might be in a state where cannabis use is regulated but growing is not allowed or in a state where growing is permitted up to a certain number of plants.

You must also understand local laws against cannabis cultivation if you are using cannabis for medicinal use. In some states, growers are allowed to grow more than what is allowed if you have a medical card or you live far from a dispensary.  

The Following are Among the Top Seedbanks for US Customers

  1. Crop King Seeds

One of the most popular seedbanks in Canada also serves US customers. Crop King Seeds is from Vancouver, Canada that will ship to the US and the rest of the world. Crop King Seeds also has actual shops in Vancouver, therefore, this seed bank is reputable and reliable.

Crop King Seeds have a large collection of seeds including famed sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. You can also find regular seeds, autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds with 30+ seeds strains to choose from.

If you are looking for viable seeds, Crop King Seeds has a record of 80% germination rate. Delivery success rates are around 90% something that you should take note of when comparing different seedbanks.

Crop King Seeds have 24/7 support through chat, by phone, and by email. And aside from regular payment options like a debit card and credit card, Crop King Seeds also accept Bitcoin payments.

  1. MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada is a seed bank site from Canada that ship to the US. This company ships around the world and guarantees deliveries in just 25 days. This seed bank is popular for its award-winning strains with the best quality. Ordering from MJ Seeds Canada lets you experience good quality strains made by Canadian growers.

Seeds from this company have passed strict quality control and have a germination rate of 90%. This means that you can count on MJ Seeds Canada to provide you with the best and the most viable seeds for recreational or medicinal use.

A lot of growers around the world like MJ Seeds Canada because of its stealth shipment. With stealth shipment, your orders will be sent to you in an unmarked package to protect your identity. You can easily tell where your shipment is at by using a tracking number that comes with your order.

MJ Seeds Canada ships worldwide and accepts traditional payment methods including bank transfers, cash mail, credit card, debit card, and international money transfers.

You can contact customer support anytime by Facebook chat, by phone, and by email. Deliveries to the US can take around 25 days but there are customers that report receiving their packaging in as quick as 6 to 12 days.

  1. Sun West Genetics

Sun West Genetics gives you a taste of delicious strains from all over the world. This seed bank is one of the most reliable cannabis seeds sites in the region. Sun West Genetics is different from other seed banks because this site lets you in on the best discounts and deals.  

Sun West Genetics accepts all major payment options including credit card, debit card and so on.

Sun West Genetics customer service may be accessed by Facebook chat, by phone or by email. Deliveries to the US can take around 5 to 35 days from the date your order/orders were processed. Orders may be shipped via stealth method so you can preserve your identity as you order online.

  1. Sonoma Seeds Seed Bank

US customers and growers around the world may take advantage of the versatility of Sonoma Seeds. These are seeds that have good quality especially medical marijuana seeds.

The seed bank also offers feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds.

Sonoma Seeds have fast and reliable customer service via Facebook chat, by phone, and by email. Deliveries to the US can take anywhere from 5 to 14 days.

  1. Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is another one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA. This has been around the web and has been a trusted name in cannabis it offers hundreds of strains coming from a large number of affiliate seedbanks.

Rocket Seeds delivers cannabis seeds as well as cannabis merchandise like vaping equipment, grinders, growing accessories and more. This online cannabis site will deliver to the US in just 7 to 25 days.

Take advantage of Rocket Seeds stealth delivery options to prevent the possibility of your orders being held by customs and to protect your identity as you place your orders online.

Let these top 5 seed banks that ship to the USA help you find the right strain that will fit your growing needs.

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