All You Need to Know About the Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks

All You Need to Know About the Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks

If you are planning to grow your own cannabis, you must understand all the laws that govern the buying of seeds, germinating and growing cannabis seeds as well as consumption of marijuana. Canadian marijuana seed banks offer top quality seeds for personal recreational and medicinal use. This is your first stop if you want to grow healthy and high-yielding plants.

About Cannabis Growing in Canada

Before the date of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the provincial governments did their best to prepare seedbanks and dispensaries for their customers.

Just as anticipated, Canadians flocked to these dispensaries and seedbanks and wiped shelves dry. Now, this was just during the one month trial held by different states. By the time the actual date of legalization came, everyone wanted cannabis as well as cannabis seeds!

To understand cannabis growing in Canada, here are important points you must remember

  • Regulation is according to different provinces

The different provinces regulate the use and growing of cannabis seeds in their respective areas. The allowable age to use and to purchase cannabis seeds is 19 years of age; this is the age when alcohol is also allowed in Canada. In some provinces, the penalty for driving under the influence of cannabis is similar to driving while intoxicated.

  • Each province has designated cannabis seedbanks

Each province comes with individual seedbanks where residents may purchase cannabis products such as concentrates, edibles, oils, and dried herb. This is also the best place to find cannabis seeds as well as growing accessories and headgear.

It is therefore important to buy only from seedbanks from where you are located. This will ensure that the quality of the seeds and faster deliveries from the store to your home.

To purchase from these seedbanks, you need to present some form of identification. If you are shopping for medical seeds, bring your prescription. Doing so will help you get the ideal strain, dose, and potency of your treatment.

Some provinces have a large number of seedbanks while some are not that lucky. From the time cannabis use and growing was permitted in Canada, consumers have been complaining about the lack of seedbanks, especially in remote provinces. Due to these concerns, many consumers opt to simply buy their seeds online.

  • Online deliveries may be available

Not all Canadian marijuana seed banks offer online deliveries. If this is provided by the seed bank company, you must prepare identification when you receive your packaging. You must be at least 19 to buy cannabis online.

Seeds deliveries are accomplished by Canada Post and rates depend on where you are located. This is the most trusted shipment method of Canadian seed banks but if you wish, you may also order seeds by bulk or buy seeds.

If you are not around to receive your order, assign another one in your place. The person you assigned should have a valid ID and should be 19 years of age upon receipt of the package. Canada Post will not leave any packages on your doorstep. If you missed your package, a note will be left telling you where to claim your packages.

Delivery of cannabis products and seeds are available in some seedbanks and the best part of it all is that deliveries are reliable and will get to you fast this is facilitated by Canada Post.  

  • Cash on delivery options

If you don’t have a credit card or bank transfers are not your thing, you can always take advantage of cannabis seeds bank’s cash on delivery options. With this payment method, you pay for your purchases when your delivery arrives. More users agree that this is the most convenient because they don’t have to worry about giving personal banking information online.

There are rules when growing cannabis at home

Apart from the age requirement and the delivery options, you have to follow a few rules. First, you are allowed only four plants per household. You can grow cannabis at home but you need to keep your crops under lock and key. This protects children pets and other adults from accidentally ingesting your supply.

You must grow only at home whether growing indoors or outdoors, as a grower or cultivator, it’s your job to grow your plants secretly and to take care of terrible odors. You must employ odor removal techniques, especially in an indoor set-up. Growing more than what you need is a crime and residents are told to dispose of weed carefully and efficiently.

You can’t grow cannabis if you are located near a playground or school. If you are renting, your landlord may impose rules against growing cannabis. This may also be part of your rental contract.

Canadian marijuana seed banks online operate 24/7 with customer service standing by. This way you will be able to get your supply without any hassles at all.

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