Are there Seed Banks in USA?

Are there Seed Banks in USA?

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest rising markets in the world today as many businesses and consumers have enjoyed the benefits of legalization in several North American countries and states.

That said, there are plenty of seed banks and dispensaries in Canada as the entire country allows the use of cultivation of cannabis. But one would only wonder if there are any in the USA. Some would even go on to say that Canada itself has become the best seed bank for the USA when it comes to supplying Americans with legal marijuana.

This is not to say that you cannot get good cannabis in the United States. There are some states where marijuana is legal but it does not mean that you can just simply hop from state to state looking for stores that sell cannabis seeds in the US. It really is not easy to find a good seed bank not only in the United States but in other countries as well.

But first, what is a seed bank?

Normally, a seed bank is more like a storage facility for the genetics of different kinds of plant seeds. Regular seed banks are there for that purpose in case breeders would want to use the genetics of certain plant seeds to improve the quality of their crops. Another reason for the existence of these regular seed banks is to make sure that the seeds of certain types of plants stay safe in case certain conditions are threatening their continued existence.

In a way, cannabis seed banks act like regular seed banks as well. Other than acting as a storage for the genetics of different strains of marijuana, cannabis seed banks are actually legitimate businesses that sell seeds and develop their own strains. As such, many of the different strains we see today as well as the new developments in the world of cannabis seeds (such as the rise of feminized seeds and autoflowering strains) are thanks in large part to cannabis seed banks.

Cannabis seed banks are at the forefront of strain and seed development due to how they have a diverse pool of genetics to use to create the best strains we have today. These seed banks are also responsible for providing us with the cannabis seeds we grow to produce high-quality buds in our own grow rooms. In that sense, seed banks play roles that are vital to the success and rise of the cannabis seed industry.

And in the last decade or so, cannabis seed banks have grown rapidly because of the advent of digital technology. Using the internet to their advantage, seed banks are making their products more readily available to the public as anyone can just simply log on to their website and order seeds from them.

No matter where you are in the world as long as the seed bank caters deliveries to your country, you can buy seeds from online cannabis seed banks. However, you still also have to consider any legal implications that might arise if you happen to live in a country where marijuana is still illegal.

Is there a Good Seed bank in the United States?


If you want to go right down to the meat of it, yes, there are plenty of online seed banks you can choose to buy your cannabis seeds from. It really is not very difficult to find them because they are practically all over the internet. However, there are certain things you should first consider.

  1. Quality

While there are a lot of different cannabis seed banks all over the internet, you still have to be sure about the quality of the seeds you are getting. You may have seen a seed bank that looks reputable enough and sells seeds at a really good price. But you still have to be cautious enough to know whether or not such a seed bank really sells legitimate cannabis seeds or if the seeds themselves are of a quality good enough for them to actually germinate.

In that sense, you must look for a seed bank in the United States has a reputation for selling high-quality cannabis seeds. Quality should be your top priority and price should merely be secondary. After all, what good is an affordable cannabis seed if it ends up useless?

  1. Legality

You may have already found a cannabis seed bank that is reputable enough. You have already decided which strains you are going to order from that seed bank. But, before you do so, you have to be sure if you can legally buy these seeds from an online seed bank.

Even if you happen to live in California, where cannabis is legal, you still have to consider the fact that federal law regards marijuana as illegal. In that sense, if you order your cannabis seeds from an online seed bank based outside of California, running into some legal issues will remain a big concern on your part. As such, most people in California would rather go to local dispensaries even though those stores do not always sell cannabis seeds.

Nevertheless, you still can theoretically buy your seeds from a seed bank in the United States regardless of what the law says so long as your preferred seller is willing enough to ship the seeds to your doorstep.

What are the Best Seed Banks in the US?


If you are looking for a good seed bank in the United States and have considered every possible scenario that might happen when doing so, you probably are now looking for the most reputable sellers available online.

Names such as Sunwest Genetics and Crop King Seeds come to mind if you are looking for reputable seed banks that sell high-quality cannabis seeds in the United States. However, there are also other sellers that are just as good so long as you know how to choose the right seed bank for you.

What you might want from a good seed bank especially if you are ordering them from a place where cannabis is not legal is that the store should be able to use anonymity well when shipping the seeds over to your doorstep.

Considering the shipping range should take priority as well because some seed banks are not willing to ship their seeds over to certain places regardless of distance. For one reason or another, that company might find it troublesome to ship over to those countries or regions.


Of course, knowing the available strains is important. Not all seed banks carry the genetics of all the cannabis strains. There are even certain seed banks that put a proprietary hold on some strains of cannabis especially if they were responsible for their development. As such, you should check the seed bank’s available strains first before choosing that company as your preferred online source of cannabis seeds.


And finally, it should also be vital for you to check the payment methods available in that online seed bank as there are certain companies that are limited in that regard. The common online payment methods are usually debit and credit but there are also certain seed banks that offer other means of payment. This can include cryptocurrency, bank transfer, cash in the mail, or PayPal. The more methods of payment there are, the better of a choice the seed bank is.

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