Azura Haze – Marijuana Seeds Store

Genetics Blueberry X Lemon Haze
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 300-550 g
Height 50-75 cm
Flowering Time Depends on the Plant
Effect Depends on the Plant
THC Level Moderately High (20.27%)
Growing Moderate


The Azura Haze is one of the rarest strains of marijauna that could be found in the market because of further reasons. Its yield can be considered as a high yielding type excellent for experience breeders and growers. Rare genetics breeding of 3 years resulted to the Azura Haze from Light of Jah. The plant can also produce marijauna seeds that can be replanted for more plants to harvest.

Perfect mixture of Indica and Sativa

The excellent breeding resulted to this strain with 60% indica and 40% sativa that produces balance to the two major bodily effects. The indica dominance of the appearance gives the plant a short height perfect for growing indoors or with limited spaces.

Growth and Flowering time

Growing this type of weeds can be very easy for those experience growers but beginners can attempt to grow some with the help of some reviews and guides on the internet. It can growt both indoors and outdoors with high resistance to the climate. Azura Haze can even grow perfectly in a hydroponic medium with enough care is given. The flowers appear in as early as 9 weeks and can be harvested after 11 weeks of the growth. Buds shows certain elongation with covering white hair that turns light green color.

Stone Feeling

Smoking the buds of this Azura Haze can give extreme pleasurable feeling that can be felt throughout the whole body. Some says that it provides stone feeling the can relax every muscle in the body. the very relaxing feel causes sedative feeling that lingers in the mind for hours.

Removal of Anxiety and Depression

The extreme levels of THC in this Cannabis indicate that it has great potential for the use in medical situations. This cannabis can act as anti-depressant to the smoker with its relaxing sensation that causes peace of mind and clear headed thinking. It uplifts the mood for more vigorous activities for total development of the social life of the user. Anxiety and depression must always be dealt with seriously because it might result to further harm to the patient such as attempted or successful suicide. This gives the feeling of safeness and gladness good for recovering patients with traumatic experiences.

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