Blue Cheese Auto Feminized – Marijuana Seeds Store

Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Mostly Indoor
Yield 500g/m2
Height 60-70cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect powerful and stoney
THC Level 20%
Growing Easy to Moderate


The Blue Cheese Auto Feminized strain is considered as one of the most beloved cannabis strains especially among breeders and cannabis afficionados. The Blue Cheese strain got its name from its source which is the Auto Blueberry and Cheese Autoflowering plants. This unique combination has produced a one of a kind cannabis strain which can produce a long and lasting effect. This potent cannabis strain can be very ideal for breeders especially to novice growers since the plant does not require any form of special skills or techniques to grow.

Effects, appearance and growth

The Blue Cheese strain is great for daytime use since it can help in getting things done. It can produce powerful and energetic sensations without the hard come down. This means that users won’t have to worry about experiencing a couch lock haze which makes this strain a great variety for people who want to have that extra energy to get through the day.

The plant of this particular strain has a dark bluish color and the buds are very distinct especially with its pistol style. The hairs of the Blue Cheese Auto Feminized strain are raspberry colored and can be very sticky. The other reason why the strain got its name is because of its blue cheese smell which also has a hint of fuel. The strain definitely has a unique smell which makes it different from other strains. Surprisingly, the Blue Cheese Auto Feminized strain does not have a cheesy taste but has a lavender vanilla taste with a bit of blueberry. The strain tastes great and smooth with no gross aftertaste.

Growing this type of cannabis strain can be very easy and can be easily handled by novice breeders. Growers will get the best yield when grown indoors but this strain can also be developed outdoors but it requires proper attention and maintenance to ensure the quality of yield.

Medical Marijuana

This strain is a great medical resource especially to those who want to relax and to those who are feeling a bit under the weather. The strain produces an uplifting euphoric feeling which can help patients who are suffering from depression, stress or anxiety. The Blue Cheese strain is known for creating a calming effect which can help in calming the nerves.

The Blue Cheese Auto Feminized is a pretty popular strain which makes it one of the most sought after cannabis strains. Check out your favorite online dispensaries and take a fresh batch of this strain.

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