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Genetics Original Hash Plant
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 150-300 grams/m2
Height 2 feet
Flowering Time 40-45 days
Effect Strong and Lasting
THC Level Low- Moderate (12.10 %)
Growing Easy to Moderate


People from many parts of the country grow hash plant but only a few of them has the high grade of this plant. The plant itself is stocky, chunky, and beautifully sticky that came from its Afghanica descendants. This actually came from the Northwest of USA and transported towards many parts of the world through female cuttings. Seed banks have created clones of this strain that has excellent durability.

Pleasing Appearance

The plant has gene dominance of an Indica type which means that its height is small compared to the sativa types. Leaves of this plant have dark green color with flower buds having shade of boold red. The compactness of the buds is average giving it a classic marijauna look.

Fruity Sweet Smelling Aroma

The scent of the leaves gives a fruiting sweet smell making it more aromatic than most of the weed plants out there. It also gives certain type of earthy smell that is pleasing to the senses. Parts of these plant taste hashy flavor with smooth feeling on the throat.

Very Fast Flowering Time

Hash plant is best grown indoors with enough growing light to sustain its vegetative stages. This is famous for its large yield in very short period of time. With the level of durability, even beginners can effectively grow this plant into maturity without any more hassle. Just remember the basic needs to do with a marijauna plant like lighting, watering, and supplementing. No need to buy expensive guides that can add to the total cost of production.

Warm High Effect

The amazing effect of this weed has a bit of creepy to the first timers due to its full bodily effect that can give relaxations. Effects usually take the body in just 20 minutes after puffing the buds. Then all of your body will be covered with warm feeling enjoyable for a cold night. This urges the people to be motivated and remove the tiredness felt in the body. The effect goes to about 2.5 hours of enjoyment and peace of mind. After the effect, this induces a good night sleep that can help people with sleeping disorders such as insomnia and apnea. This can knock you out even with small amounts of smoke and experience the whole bodily high state.

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