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Genetics Pure Indica
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 250 g Indoors/150 g Outdoor
Height 1.2 m Indoors/2 m Outdoors
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect Relieves pain, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite and anxiety.
THC Level 15%
Growing Easy – Moderate


There are few strains that are known for its cannabis plant genetics, one of these strains is the Northern lights. It is believed that the place of origin of this cannabis plant is from the west coast of America which is a product of eleven unlike seeds.

Northern lights are a pure Indica plant which is famous for its fast flowering, flexibility and buds that are resinous during its growth period. It is one of the common varieties of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Body pain, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite and anxiety are illnesses that can be cured by northern lights. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and will take up to 8 weeks or 40 to 50 days to fully grow. The height of the northern lights may vary on its location. For indoors it can grow up to 1.2 m while on outdoors it may grow up to 2 m.

The aroma of northern lights is a mix of spicy, sweet, and tangy lemon scent. Its buds appear to have touches of purple, and its leaves are thin and long with wider spacing from each other. An average of 50-60 g can be yielded per plant, which is about 500 g per square meter. Growing it outdoors may produce higher number of grams per plant but will require a nice warm environment like the environment of California, North Africa and south of Spain.

Northern lights have a sweet taste and the smoke produces an earthy, smooth and pine after-taste that may result in to couch lock effect which is a feeling of laziness and comfort at the same time. This comfortable feeling will allow the patient to relieve any kind of body pain because of its psychoactive effects after consumption, which relaxes the body muscles and put the mind on a euphoric state. Stress that causes insomnia, depression, migraine and nausea can be cured because of the dreamy state it produces upon consumption.

It is an effective remedy for people who suffer from PTSD, ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorder. It allows the patient to feel happy, uplifted, creative, relaxed, and worry free. Many online websites offer such products. Searching one is easy but make sure to have transactions with a trusted seller.

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