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Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 250 g/m² (indoors); 150 g/m² (outdoors)
Height 160 cm
Flowering Time 50 days (7 weeks)
Effect Full-body buzz and stone
THC Level 14%
Growing Easy to moderate


Revolver is an auto flowering and easy-to-grow plant that thrives on both indoor and outdoor settings, which is a reflection of its 20% Sativa roots. It’s mostly Indica, though, at 70%. The remaining 10% is from the fact that it’s also Ruderalis. It has a flowering time of 7 weeks and it’s easy to moderate to grow, so it’s a recommended brand for any novice marijuana breeder out there. Because it has a low to moderate THC, that means the highs you’ll get from the drug aren’t of the cerebral variety; it’s more about being stoned. Not necessarily couch-locked stoned, but a relaxing effect that gives you a smooth, calming buzz that flows all throughout your body. It’s also a medium-sized Indica-dominant plant so you can grow it indoors without worrying about it turning your household into a weed jungle of sorts.

It’s the perfect height for indoor gardens, in other words. It also has quite the decent yield at 250 g/m² indoors (which is to be expected of mostly Indica plants) and a slightly lower 150 g/m² outdoors (since it’s only 20% Sativa and the truly wild-flower-like growth should be expected of mostly Sativa strains. It’s a medicinal plant through and through. When acquiring this weed, you smoke it with the expectation of satisfying your appetite for stimulation without going overboard with high THC content cerebral highs that leave you elated and overstimulated all throughout. This is the stoner’s pot, which also means it’s best for use in terms of painkilling, sedation, anesthetics, or sensation reduction. If you want something to stone and calm you down, then this Spanish marijuana breed is the right breed for you.

The parentage for the Revolver is the Original White Window and the NY City Diesel combined, which explains its macho name and disposition. Like a certain Michael Jackson song would say, smoking a joint full of Revolver makes it seem like you’ve been hit by and struck by a smooth criminal. Most importantly, since the Revolver strain is an auto flowering strain, you can expect a quick growth time of 7 weeks. No more, no less. When smoking this mostly Indica pot, you’ll be amazed by the all-around relaxing buzz it offers, which will give you relief from stress, headaches, migraines, spams, seizures, cramped-up muscles, and general body pain. Even though its THC is low the strain more than makes up for it with its respectable yield and its highly medicinal nature. So what are you waiting for? Buy a strain now.

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