Colorado Marijuana Data and Statistics (The Impact of Cannabis After Legalization)

Colorado Marijuana Data and Statistics (The Impact of Cannabis After Legalization)

Since marijuana is a potent product that could help many people with health issues. This is why more and more states are now legalizing the usage of marijuana. If you happened to be a resident of Colorado then you probably have heard more about its history on legalizing marijuana. You must have also heard about the best Colorado marijuana seed bank today. Read on and we will share with you some facts about this matter.

Colorado Marijuana Seed Bank: Its History and Impact

It was six years ago when Colorado passed Amendment 64 and become the first state in the country approved to have legalized recreational marijuana. It was on Election Day 2012, that almost 55 percent of Colorado voters gave their full support and measure that permits the personal use of marijuana as well as established a controlled commercial market for such products around the state.

That same legal marijuana market was first established half a decade ago in 2014. It was five years later when cannabis continually thrives in Colorado. There are presently 549 retail marijuana shops throughout the state, and just this same year, it was partnered with recreational as well as medical cannabis sales that cracked for about $1 billion in record time.

It was considered to be Colorado’s “great experiment”. With marijuana legality, it drives the national debate about cannabis law. There were lawmakers, advocates, law enforcement, entrepreneurs as well as breeders who more are into intensive research of data proving the impact of the legalization of marijuana has had. There have been several studies, surveys, as well as statistics that have been published that give proof into the different range of effects since the marijuana market was established.

Medical Marijuana Usages

Since the ratification of recreational marijuana in this state was established, it led to a drop in the number of registered medical marijuana patients. It was January 2014, when adults use marijuana sales started and 111,030 patients in Colorado already have valid registry identification cards. As of November 2018, that number of patients had suddenly dropped to 85,207.

The data only shows that medical marijuana patients have already begun to neglect Colorado’s program for the state’s trade stage. If you will take part in a state’s medical marijuana program then it could add supervisory issues. These people who have health issues should visit their doctor once a year just to get a new recommendation, and then even have to pay a $25 application processing fee.
This is why they find it more convenient to obtain such a product through the adult-use market since it is hassle-free for them. They prefer the recreational way since it will not oblige them to seek medical recommendations once a year with a fee.

Some Benefits of Using Medicinal Marijuana

You will find using marijuana truly beneficial especially if you are dealing with mental issues like anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks. It will help relax your mind and body in o time at all. This is why more and more patients rely on this product. This product is also ideal for poep0le who have cancer and other illnesses that cause severe pain. It has a special component that could stimulate the brain that would result in a more relaxed body and muscles.

How to Find the Ideal Seed Bank

  • Online – your first stop

Through the net, you will be able to gather all the necessary details and info you need regarding the best seed bank in your state. The web is packed with amazing details that could help you a lot. Here, you will also get to see images of the seed banks and how it works. Do your homework and do some research on it. This will be your advantage.

  • Get in touch with breeders in your state

These people will provide you the assistance you need as regards seeds and strains. They are the ones who can also help you grow and cultivate the strains and cannabis seeds you like. Make sure that you only get in touch with licensed and professional breeders and growers to fully achieve the benefits you need. You will be able to find webpages of breeders and growers who are willing to provide their knowledge that would help you grow and cultivate your cannabis garden.

  • Reviews will help a lot

It will help a lot if you will consider their reviews and comments regarding seed banks. They usually post their good and bad sides of those popular seed banks around the world. Through their comments, you will be able to determine which one will work best for your needs. These reviews are posted by clients, users, and even patients who have already found the right seed bank in their area. So, rest assured that their testimonials are proven tested and true.

  • Offered variety of seeds and strains

It is important as well that you determine their offered variety of seeds and strains. This way you can be sure that you are in the right place. There are seed banks today that are catering to a wide array of seeds and strains which you could choose from. This is very much helpful if you wish to grow and cultivate a garden of cannabis in your area. Bear in mind that not all seed banks will provide you the complete list of seeds and strains you need. Some will only give you limited access to their products.


The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has impacted a lot of people especially those how are dealing with health issues. There are also tips that would help you find the best Colorado marijuana seed bank that will match your needs when it comes to those rare and hard to find seeds and strains. With this, you can be sure that you are going to get the best product and services that will answer your health needs. This will also help you in growing the plant yourself.

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