Dealing with Scammer VS Legit Cannabis Seeds Seller: Know the Differences

Dealing with Scammer VS Legit Cannabis Seeds Seller: Know the Differences

There are still people who want to take advantage. If we cannot get rid of them we can avoid them by having sufficient knowledge on how to differentiate a legit transaction from scam. In this article, we’ll know the differences on how to have a ¬†transaction with a scammer and with a legit cannabis seed seller. And know what are the best canadian seed banks.


Transactions Between A Scammer vs. Legit Cannabis Seeds Seller


  1. The appearance of their website


LEGIT: Their business website consists of important information such as their contact number, physical address and detailed terms and conditions. You would also notice that each cannabis strain that they have has a detailed brief description usually with the price so the consumer would know what to expect before proceeding with the checkout process.


SCAM: Some websites would look the same as that of a legit site but if you would observe properly, their website consists of grammatical errors, gruesome images and they don’t practice originality in promoting because they would usually use information that can be seen in from other websites


  1. Payment methods


LEGIT: They have a wide option for payment methods and accepts payments that will enable you to file a chargeback if something happens. You can pay through your credit/debit card, e-wallet, wire transfers or PayPal.


SCAM: It would be suspicious if they would only accept credit cards as a way of payment method because credit cards are prone to fraud especially if they will ask you unnecessary information about your card. Don’t pay anything if it is through money transfers because this payment method is not insured.


  1. Seed prices


LEGIT: The price that they offer should be within the range that most cannabis seed stores offer. So if you are not familiar with the price of that strain, better make your research to have an idea about the pricing.


SCAM: Be careful if they are offering price that is a way too low or way too high. They might give you a cannabis seed but if it’s too cheap, it might be old stock and if they are asking you for a high price, they just want to rip you off.


  1. Customer Service


LEGIT: If you would visit their store may it be a physical or through online, they have a welcoming staff that will assist you all throughout and if checking their website, they have a standby chat support that assists you 24/7.


SCAM: They have a website that has poor to zero contact methods. They would usually have their address as their contact information and there is no assurance if it is a real address.


  1. Presence of feedback


LEGIT: They have higher positive feedback ratings. Always expect that when they receive negative feedback related to their products and services they would always respond and offer some help to further assist. There are some seed stores that would encourage you to leave feedback after receiving your product.


SCAM: There is a possibility that they have a significant number of negative feedback that has unresolved problems about the whole processes of acquiring cannabis products.


How to Avoid A Scammer Seed Seller


  • Know more about your dealer

If you are new to purchasing cannabis products from this cannabis store, the effective and hassle way of knowing more about your dealer is through reading comments and reviews from previous customers. If there are negative feedback or review, observe how they respond and fix the issue. You may ask other consumers if they recommend you to have transactions with them.


  • Know more about your preferred product

There is a little chance to get scammed if you are knowledgeable about the item that you are purchasing. Know more about the price range that you should expect, its item descriptions and about the usage of the item so when a scammer seller would try to persuade you would not fall for them.


  • Consider years in business

A business that has been in the industry for quite some time means that they have a lot of transactions that served both breeders and cultivators. Some scam sites or sellers are doing its business for about less than a year.


  • Place of transaction

You would know that it is legit if your transaction is made on the main cannabis seed bank website or through a physical store. Be wary if they are inviting you to have a transaction using different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or through other social media accounts.


Assurance You’ll Get in Purchasing From a Legit Seller


  • You’ll get cannabis seeds that are of good quality.
  • You’ll get your seeds at a good deal price with additional promotions.
  • Their seeds have at least 90-99% germination rate.
  • They will give you assistance in growing your seeds from the basics to becoming a pro.


Knowing how to spot a scammer cannabis seed seller will save you from wasting your effort, time and resources. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to totally stop this wrongdoing but in our little acts of not patronizing them will make a huge difference.

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