Dutch Passion – The Oldest Cannabis Seed Company

Dutch Passion – The Oldest Cannabis Seed Company

Have you ever wondered which cannabis seeds company is the oldest? From the many different cannabis seeds companies locally and abroad, the oldest has to be Dutch Passion. This seed bank company has a large number of popular seeds strains in stock plus a wide variety of seeds under the Dutch marijuana seeds brand.

If you are looking for a trusted seed bank for the best, high-quality cannabis seeds then Dutch Passion must be the seed bank for you.

A Short History of Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is a seed company from Amsterdam. It was established in 1987 way back when seed banks and seed sales were unheard of in the US and in most countries in Europe. According to the company, Dutch Passion is the 2nd European Cannabis Seed Company with a mission of supplying recreational and medicinal seeds with the highest-quality

Dutch Passion prides in delivering high-quality seeds all over the world where cannabis legal cultivation is allowed. Whether you are a novice grower or you are a pro looking for a good deal, Dutch Passion may have the strains you have been looking for.
The cannabis seeds company also supplies retailers and distributors all over the world with quality products. You can also find Dutch Passion products in shelves of seeds companies and seed banks around the globe.

Types of Seeds Available at Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has made it easier for customers to find exactly what they need. They have classified their products according to the type of seeds: regular, feminized, autoflower and outdoor seeds. If you want to filter your options, Dutch Passion has a simple seed selection guide for customers.

You can choose from your Kush favorites, the Blues, CBD-rich strains, classic strains, Dutch outdoor seeds, high-altitude seeds, strains from Latin America, Orange seeds, Skunk seeds, and some USA special strains.

It is common to find featured strains from Dutch Passion too. As of writing this post, new strains called feminized Meringue, feminized Mokum’s Tulip and autoflowering Auto Lemon Zkittle are available for sale. Popular seeds like Bubba Island Kush and Passion Fruit as well as popular strains like Auto Glueberry OG and Orange Bud.

How to Order Seeds from Dutch Passion

Ordering seeds at Dutch Passion is a very straightforward thing to do. It starts by having an exact strain in mind. Look for the exact strain from the company’s seeds directory and just click the strain to order. You will be taken to the strain’s individual product page where you can read more about the strain’s growing information.

Select how many seeds you want to order and the type of seed you wish to buy. You can choose from feminized, regular or automatic versions of the strain. The corresponding price of the seeds you ordered can be seen. When you are done, just add to cart and continue shopping for more strains.

If you are done shopping, you can check your cart out and pay for your purchases. Payments accepted by the seed bank include credit cards, bank transfers, cash or using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Dutch Passion prides in 24-hour deliveries and free shipping if you qualify. Your orders come with a tracking number and free insurance when your orders reach 125 Euros or over.

Shipments are all in plain, unmarked packages which don’t have any names, addresses or logos. Seed packs are placed inside a tin container to completely protect the seeds from the environment and from accidentally crushing because of transport.

But if you don’t have a strain in mind, it’s OK. You can select from Dutch Passion’s large library of quality seeds. Reviews for each product are available along with ratings. These will surely help you select the strain for your needs.

The Latest Deals and Promos from Dutch Passion

There are special deals and promos available at Dutch Passion day after day

Free shipping and 24-hour delivery – this is free shipping and orders will reach you in just 24 hours when you order over 125 Euros. As mentioned, this shipment comes with a tracking number and has free insurance. Customers with orders below 125 Euros can pay for 24-hour express delivery or standard or registered mail, whatever they wish to use to deliver their orders.

CBD Feminized Mix offers – this is a pack with three CBD-rich strains (Compassion, Charlottes Angel and Kush).
High Potency Autoflower Mix offer – this pack contains nine seeds from three popular autoflowering strains ( Think Different, Auto Cinderella Jack and Auto Ultimate).

Dutch Outdoor Mix offer – the Dutch Outdoor mix strains is a pack with nine seeds from three outdoor feminized regular strains (Frisian Dew, Durban Poison and Hollands Hope).

USA Autoflower Mix offer – this is a pack with nine seeds from three autoflowering strains (Auto Glueberry OG, Auto Brooklyn Sunrise and Auto Colorado Cookies).

Fruity Autoflower Mix offer – this offer comes with nine seeds from three autoflowering strains (Auto Orange Bud, Auto Blueberry and Auto Daiquiri Lime).

30th Anniversary Mix offers – this is a unique mix of 30 seeds coming from three popular, best-selling high-THC indoor strains (Power Plant, White Widow, and Outlaw Amnesia).

Free seeds – this is the classic promo from Dutch Passion. You will get free Auto Colorado Cookies seeds with one free seed when you buy any 3-pack, 2 free seeds for any 5-pack, 3 free seeds when you buy a 7 pack and 5 free seeds when you purchase a 10 pack.

As most seed banks online, you must find out about the validity of these promos. Deals and discounts expire so take time to find out the details of the promo that you want to take advantage of.

How to contact Dutch Passion

To contact Dutch Passion, you may call their business number. You may also email the company, send them a message or give them a call through Skype or via WhatsApp. Their Dutch Passion Maastricht office is their webshop customer service headquarters and is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

Dutch Passion head office is in Amsterdam and you can call or send them an email. This office is open from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday. And you don’t need to visit The Netherlands or to check out their official website to buy Dutch Passion. Simply look for Dutch Passion re-sellers in your area. Use their official site to find the nearest Dutch Passion retailer near you.

Why Order from Dutch Passion?

Dutch Passion is the oldest seed company and has made a good reputation among online and offline customers. Ask anyone who has ordered seeds before and you’ll discover the popularity of this seed bank site.

People who have ordered from Dutch Passion say that it offers high-quality seeds coming from strains with good genetics. They have also praised Dutch Passion for its wide variety of strains including popular US strains and Dutch strains.

This seed bank also has good marks for its unique promos and special offers. Their free seeds offer to give customers a chance to get more seeds out of their orders. You can also count on Dutch Passion for their special mix seeds allowing you to grow different feminized, autoflowering or regular seeds.

If you are looking for good medical seeds you can also find high CBD and high THC seeds to grow your own supply. And you won’t be behind other growers when you buy seeds from Dutch Passion. It has a popular, new and recommended seeds sections so you’ll be the first to cultivate unique strains.

Dutch Passion offers affordable seeds and with their special promos and free deliveries, you’ll surely get more value out of your money.

How to Stay Safe when Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online?

Online cannabis seeds ordering is a gamble for customers. They get what they need but in return, they risk revealing their personal information online. Such is the policy of Dutch Passion. You get the best quality seeds but you still need to provide your personal information as well as financial or credit information when you order seeds.

To reduce the risk of getting scammed, trust reputable sites like Dutch Passion. This seed bank is not just about buying marijuana seeds but also cares about the safety and security of its customers. You must order only from reliable seed banks with good reviews and online reputation and quality products.

Make sure that the site you are ordering from has reliable payment options and delivery methods. Always check for deals, promos, and discounts; these are good ways to buy seeds for the best price and save money in the process.

Finally, check for contact information. You must conduct business only from businesses with at least a phone, chat service and customer email form. All these may just be common things that you overlook when you shop online but are very important when you buy cannabis seeds.

Find out more about Dutch Passion by visiting their official website today.

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