Tangerine Dream – Marijuana Seeds Store

Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500 g/m²
Height 800-1,000 cm
Flowering Time 55-70 days (8-10 weeks)
Effect Trippy and medicinal pain killer
THC Level 25%
Growing Easy


The main claim to fame of Tangerine Dream is that it’s a recent strain that has won the 2010 Cannabis Cup. This means that it’s a recent breed, so it follows the latest trends when it comes to cannabis breeding and, as such, it’s a result of what people want nowadays out of their marijuana stash. Furthermore, it’s an award winner at that, so you can only expect the best when it comes to this particular strain of pot. This hybrid son of A5 and G13 strains has the powerful knockout ability of getting rid of pain. However, people take pot not only because it has relaxant properties, but also because it retains other non-relaxant effects at the same time, such as the ability to increase your energy. It’s a yin-yang of painkilling relaxation and stimulating head trips.

Indeed, it has quite the cerebral highs at a 25% THC level. One other thing that makes Tangerine Dream such a fantastic and trippy strain is its ability to give you couch lock when you take too much of it, so unless you want to be stuck doing nothing for the rest of the day, take it in moderation. This painkilling strain is a designer drug bred specifically to meet the needs of medical patients who are working. You won’t get knocked out when this is taken at moderate amounts; you can still function and even have enough energy to keep on doing whatever work you’re doing after smoking this joint. It keeps you happy and uplifted, the euphoria and positive thinking enabling you to work well and with motivation to boot. It also has muscle relaxant properties.

Ergo, it’s the best for those with some sort of musculoskeletal condition or anyone suffering from severe cancer pain that ordinary painkillers can’t deal with. It truly is a Tangerine Dream to take. You can recognize this strain immediately when you smoke it because it offers a citrusy aroma (hence its name). Growing it is also relatively easy because it only takes 55-70 days or 8-10 weeks to flower. Because of its Sativa-dominance, you can also expect it to have the robust growth spurt, getting as high as 1 meter or 1,000 centimeters when grown outside thanks to the wildflower-like propagation qualities of any given mostly Sativa marijuana strain. In conclusion, you won’t go wrong by buying this newbie-friendly strain with loads of medical benefits and cerebrally uplifting highs in a citrusy and delicious package.

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