Essential tips on how to grow marijuana outdoors

Essential tips on how to grow marijuana outdoors

  1.Select the one type of cannabis seeds for growing

For beginner cannabis growers, it is strongly recommended by expert cannabis growers that they begin their weed farm using autoflowering strains. These autoflowering strains are actually marijuana hybrids, which means that they come from different strains genetically combined for a stronger and better marijuana product. They are called as “autoflowering” because their flowering period comes sooner than the traditional cannabis strains. This is ideal for beginners because it will not give them hassle about critical maintenance. With the fast growing strains, they can enjoy starting their weed farm and they will achieve the best yield that they can have.

  1. Always create the best growing spot for marijuana

Planting cannabis plants outdoors is critical. To secure that all of your seeds in their pot will grow, keep in mind that sunlight is the most important growth factor here. They need a good amount of sunlight to allow their vegetative growth. Of course, you should also focus with soil preparation. Select a healthy soil and cultivate it from time to time to allow aeration. A well-aerated soil will help the cannabis seeds to absorb nutrients more effectively, giving them a good start for ideal growth.

  1. Get the right tools and supplies

It is also important that you put up the right tools while growing them. Select the right size of your shovel to ensure that it fits to the pot. Be careful when cultivating the soil so that you will not damage its primary roots. For your supplies, determine the type of nutrients that will be beneficial for their growth. Always take note that it is harmful to apply excessive amount of nutrients so you have to be cautious about your application of fertilizer. If you want to secure the availability of nutrients and water for your cannabis plants at the same time, you can ask about installation of hydroponics method.

  1. Instigate security for your weed farm

Because you are planting marijuana plants outdoors, you should be extra careful by then. However, outsiders are not only your biggest enemies. Stray animals that could wander around your weed farm may ruin your potential yield. To avoid these unlikely instances, you can install fencing around your farm to secure your plants from anything that could destroy them. You can also add surveillance cameras for all-around security and monitoring of your farm.


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