Auto Diesel Feminized

Genetics Indica/Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield average
Height average
Flowering Time 70 days
Effect uplifting
THC Level 14%
Growing Easy


This hybrid strain is best known for its lasting effect and pungent taste. The Auto Diesel strain got its name from its diesel like qualities or genetics. This particular cannabis strain can be very potent and is definitely one of the best cannabis strains in the world. This particular cannabis strain has unmistakable character and properties that can produce lasting and uplifting effects.

Effects, appearance and growth

The Auto Diesel Feminized strain is known to possess high quality properties that can produce a very strong effect. This particular strain is not highly recommended for beginners or novice smokers because it may be a bit difficult for them to handle. Because of its high quality properties, the Auto Diesel Feminized strain can also produce psychedelic or trippy effects even in small doses. Novice users should not mess with this particular cannabis strain but they can still take a toke in regulated doses.

The flowering time of this particular cannabis strain can take up to 70 days and can be grown both on an indoor or outdoor setting. The plant is of regular height so it will not take up too much space when grown indoors. The leaf has a typical amount of crystals and is not a bit too stocky in size or shape. The plant has a green citrus color and has that unmistakable scent of diesel or fuel.

Growing this type of cannabis strain is relatively easy so novice breeders can try growing this on their own. It is very important not to over-water the plant since it may not grow to its full potential. When the plant produces flowers, it will take another 40 days or so to finish the flowering stage. The flowers of the plant will grow to a golden hue which will eventually turn to purple once it has reached its complete flowering level.

Medical Marijuana

This cannabis strain has a combination of indica and sativa properties which makes it a good medical resource to alleviate pain. If you are constantly experiencing migraine or stress, then the Auto Diesel Feminized strain can help you release that unwanted stress and pain. This strain can produce a very relaxing effect to the user which can be very beneficial for people who are always on the go and those who live a very stressful life. This can also be a good source to treat insomnia.

Since the Auto Diesel Feminized strain is quite popular, getting this particular strain is quite easy. Get your dose of this particular strain from any seed shop online.

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