Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix

Genetics Depends on the Plant
Climate Outdoor
Yield Depends on the Plant
Height Depends on the Plant
Flowering Time Depends on the Plant
Effect Depends on the Plant
THC Level Depends on the Plant
Growing Depends on the Plant


Growing Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix

This product is not a breed of plant. In fact, this is a mix of different seeds; all feminized, auto flowering, and best for outdoor planting. You can still consider the other plants here to be grown inside, but this can provide the best yield and height whenever it’s grown outdoors. For sure you will be able to love the Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix once that you try it on your precious weed garden.

Take note that all of the plants that will appear all have auto flowering properties. Each of the plants that will grow with the use of this mix are all females as well. The plants that will grow once that you try to use the seeds will all vary in size, color and yield. Expect that you will be able to have a colorful variation of outdoor marijuana plants once that you place the seeds in any order. There will also be a colorful variation for your garden as well because there are some plants here that are blue, white, orange, green and many more.

The taste and smell of the plant depend on what breed grew out of the seeds. There are some that will smell skunky, pungent, earthy, while some will smell sweet, sour, spicy and fruity – to the point where some smell like berries. You will surely love to guess what plants are on your farm right now due to the colorful variation that you grew through the use of Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix. Some growers of this mix are known to love most of the plants because of their varying scent and flavors which made their farm look more attractive.

You will also have to guess the effects that each plant has for you to know what you have there. There are some plants here that might have similar scents and tastes, but the others have different effects. There are some that will provide a euphoric high, some will be a body buzz, and others will make you feel sleepy, while others will make you energetic and focused. This is perfect for those who really loves marijuana, and is perfect for those who are planning to find some medical ones.

Getting Your Own Dose

So if you are looking for the best seeds to grow for a colorful outdoor garden, be sure to purchase Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix on well known online weed stores. All statistics of the seeds vary in terms of genetics, flowering time, and THC level as well, but all are perfect for those who love to plant outdoors.

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