Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Genetics Pure Sativa
Climate Grows Indoors and Outdoors
Yield 700g/
Height 120 cm
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Effect Sturdy Effect
THC Level 25%
Growing Easy


Big Bud Feminized Seeds is rated Grade A. Big Bud is considered as a strain that produces female buds only or what is popularly known as feminized. Big Bud Feminized Seeds usually grow in a warm climate. It is known for its bigger structure and is known to be quick and easy to grow. Just like the other typical marijuana, Big Bud Feminized Seeds require proper caring, good supply of water and enough exposure of sunlight for survival.

How it Can be Grown and Its Effects to its Users

Big Bud Feminized Seed has a long lasting, sturdy effect to its users. Users feel hungry, sleepy and happy every time they take Big Bud Feminized. Big Bud Feminized Seed has big flowering buds. It has very beautiful color white flowers. When it comes to the taste, Big Bud Feminized strain has sour grape like and spicy taste. The smells of the Big Buds are musty and pungent. Big Bud Feminized Seed usually grows indoors and outdoors as well. Feminized Seed Big Bud only requires enough supply of water and sunlight to survive. The Big Bud Feminized seed yields range 700 grams per square meter. The flowering time period is only 9 weeks.

Medical Uses of this Strain

The 25 percent of THC level presented by Big Bud Feminized Seed has different medical uses. Big Bud Feminized Seed is best recommended for people who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia. The strain of Big Bud Feminize is very helpful to use as a stress reliever.  Emotional people used Big Bud Feminized in escaping from their sadness. Big Bud Feminized Seed can cure gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety and headaches. It is also used as a body pain reliever. Some people said that Big Bud Feminized is best to use in improving poor appetite.

Where to Purchase the Big Bud Feminized?

Yes you can purchase Big Bud Feminized Seed through online. All you need to do is type and search its name to see the different sites that sell them. These websites have different marketing strategies in selling Big Bud Feminized Seed. There are websites which offer big discounts if you’ll purchase large quantity. Some websites have promos regarding shipping method, while other websites require full payment to start processing your orders. Just always make sure that you’re dealing with a good legit seller. Do not forget to check and reviews the legalities of the sites. When all these has been done, you are now ready to get your own Big Bud feminized and experience its high!

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