Black Widow Auto Feminized

Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 300 – 400 g/m2
Height Short
Flowering Time 50 – 65 days
Effect Body buzz, relaxing
THC Level 28%
Growing Moderate


The Black Widow is a well known award winning strain that has won lots of awards especially being ranked number one in the High Times Cannabis Cup. This strain is known to be one of the highest high givers that are well known to all smokers around the world. It also has a very high THC level that will surely make you feel very high. This potent weed is known to be one of the best medical marijuanas ever grown that will surely make you feel like soaring to the skies. This plant is fully customized in terms of growth and arrangement to the point where it flowers fast and has all female seeds.

Take note that this is auto flowering; thus having fast flowering time. This is also an all female plant that will produce only buds. This plant is known to be one of the best to be grown almost anywhere; whether you are outside or inside. The buds are known to have a dark shade of green, and have lots of white hairs growing out of the plant. It is a very dense looking plant that you will surely love to have in your room or greenhouse garden, and is perfect to be cross bred with other male strains.

Getting a Taste of the Black Widow

This plant is known to have a pine scent that has a mix of an earthy aroma with a dash of kiwi and passion fruits. The taste is known to be very sweet and fruity to the point where the after taste feels like citrus in terms of the flavor. This sweetness is known to be favored by most smokers and those who love to medicate using medical marijuana, and will make you huff and puff for more.

The effects of this plant are known to be really amazing as it can make you experience a body buzz together with a high that will get you stuck on your couch for several minutes. This plant is also great because of its trippy experience whenever it’s smoked together with a euphoric high that is perfect for relaxation and listening to music. This is perfect during afternoons to smoke, and whenever you do nothing at all. This is also perfect for those who have anorexia and appetite loss.

If you want something that has a high THC content together with a strong high that will deliver you up above the skies, then make sure to purchase Black Widow Auto Feminized seeds for a great time smoking some world class weed. These seeds can be bought in online weed stores at numerous amounts.

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