Blue Widow

Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoor or Outdoor
Yield 800-1200 g/m2
Height Up to 3m
Flowering Time 50-55 days
Effect Strong and long lasting
THC Level 12-16%
Growing Easy


Blue Widow is also known as White Berry or Berry White among its users. It came mostly from the hybrid of Indica that is the female Blueberries from British Columbia and the male White Widow from Aloha. Both of the cannabis plant’s mixtures came from a premium breed because both produce an excellent quality. The plant’s powerful taste and scent makes it linger in the user’s mouth and nose, individually. After smoking the cannabis plant, the user will be stoned with a strong and long lasting effect of 2 to 3 hours.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

Moreover, the cannabis plant can be planted in any indoor or outdoor garden. Either way, it can still produce a top quality product among its users. It can grow up to 3m from 50 to 55 days of its flowering tiBme. It has a good resistance against molds but sometimes these molds can appear on the top of the Blue Widow’s buds. On the other hand, anyone can grow the cannabis plant because it can easily be planted. Without any difficulty, plant growers can get an excellent and high yield of 800 to 1,200 grams per meter squared.

After the production, the cannabis plant produces buds with thick orange hairs and abundant crystal rocks besides it has sticky resins and small thick leaves. The smell of its buds is pungent but sometimes it can produce a berry smell. On the other hand, its taste is sweet and is sometimes like berries or blueberries. When chewed, it can be gummy and its colors turn from blue to red violet. This happens especially when the weather is cold.

Medical effects

Moreover, Blue Widow has a potent level of 12 to 16% THC that is good enough to cure several endured pain of its users. It can usually cure users who are stressed and depressed while it can also medicate nausea and loss of appetite. Euphoric and happy can sometimes be the feeling of its users whenever they smoke the cannabis plant. On the other hand, its side effects mostly made its users have dry mouth and dry eyes.


Order Blue Widow now and experience its everlasting taste and scent that bursts in your lungs. It can be bought online from various websites. In order to prevent fraud, check websites that provide the complete information and reviews of the cannabis plant. If the provided details are trustworthy enough, you can buy the Blue Widow now.

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