Bubba Kush Feminized

Genetics Indica
Climate Outdoor or Indoor
Yield 800-1000g/m2
Height Up to 2.5m
Flowering Time 60-65 days
Effect Narcotic
THC Level 18-19%
Growing Easy


Bubba Kush Feminized is made from the hybrids of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa of Bubble Gum and Kush. Its flower blooms in the first week of October that produces a short height cannabis plant. Both of its scent and taste gives a powerful kick and long lasting effect in every user’s lungs. It is medically proven to patients who are dealing with chronic pains besides it won first place at the Treating Yourself Medical Cup 2010. Moreover, the cannabis plant is feminized that only produces female types of plants.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

The cannabis plant can be planted in an indoor or outdoor plot but the plant needs the proper amount of sunlight, soil, and temperature in order for it to grow successfully. It produces a short to average height of up to 2.5 m during its flower time of 60 to 65 days. It can easily be planted by anyone who is interested to grow the plant. Besides, he can get a high yield of 800 grams per meter squared in the indoor plot while 1,000 grams per meter squared in an outdoor plot.

After the production, the cannabis plant has short, thick, bushy, and wide green leaves with a pleasant smell and excellent taste of its buds. Its smell is like berries and sweet fruits while its taste is like macadamia nuts and butterscotch. Both of its taste and smell individually lasts longer in the user’s mouth and nose. Besides, it highly bursts in every user’s lungs because it produces high potency level.

Medical effects

Because of its high potent level of 18 to 19% THC, it became suitable to any medical purposes that involve chronic pains. It perfectly suits users who are living busy lifestyles because they usually feel depressed, stressed, and anxious. Sometimes they can also feel a certain loss of appetite, different kinds of headaches, and sudden nausea. Those users who smoked Bubba Kush Feminized most certainly feel narcotic, euphoric, happy, creative, and hungry. Moreover, the only side effect that they can usually experience is the drying of their mouth.


If you want the medically proven and award winning taste of Bubba Kush Feminized, try and order it now. It can easily be accessed and purchased only through various kinds of websites. Make sure that these websites include complete and factual information that will help you identify the effectiveness of its product. Besides, in order to determine its effectiveness, you may also read and consult the reviews written by its users. If these details passed your needs and standards then you can purchase the Bubba Kush Feminized plant now.

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