How Seed Companies Ship Their Seeds Worldwide?

How Seed Companies Ship Their Seeds Worldwide?

Cannabis delivery varies in different states since they have different laws governing cannabis use. Shipping cannabis within the United States might be a lot easier than for cannabis seeds worldwide shipping. Once the seeds package enters a foreign country, it goes through strict checking in customs.

International shipping of cannabis also poses a threat of having the packaged seized, lost and damaged. All of these factors are considered by major seed banks and they have back up plans just in case this happens. Here is the basic information on how seed companies deal with international shipping and the issues that may arise with it.

Cannabis Seeds Worldwide Shipping

Most marijuana seed banks offer cannabis seeds worldwide shipping. They may not employ the regular shipping methods used for any other items. Here are some methods they use in making sure that the item gets delivered regardless of any place in the world.

  • Ships discreetly or Stealth shipping

Most if not all marijuana seed banks offer stealth shipping for all the items they sell. Stealth shipping will entail that the package has no information about where it came from, the description of the item and the name of the receiver.

Stealth shipping is done since not all the countries of the world allow the cultivation of cannabis. By doing this, the package has a higher chance of getting delivered.

  • Has order-delivery turnaround time

If you have experienced ordering any item that will be shipped from another country, you know how important it is to have an estimated delivery time. The website itself will tell you how long it will take for a package to be delivered.

The estimated days it will take for an internationally shipped item to be delivered in 21 days. Assuming that your item will be smooth sailing in all borders.

  • Prepared with good packaging

Reputable marijuana seed banks know that once customs see that the cannabis seeds are not properly packages, they will rip it open and it will not get delivered anymore. Good packaging will use the following methods:

Use of cardboard box that’s not too big nor too small. It’s preferred to use new cardboard boxes as they are sturdy enough to avoid holes, dents or tears.

Using a bubble wrap and packing peanuts might help. The bubble wrap ensures the safety of the item while the packing peanuts add extra cushion.

It’s best of the seeds are placed in a small canister first before putting it on the main box. It also provides extra cushioning.

Making sure that the package is sealed with enough tape also makes sure that it’s not going to tear easily. But be careful about putting too much tape as it might also cause suspicion to custom officers.

  • Masking Techniques

This is used by marijuana seed banks since they know that there’s a great chance of service dog sniffing the packages. These service dogs are very sensitive to masking scents that can be perfumes, colognes, and spray-on. Once the service dogs smell this, they will surely alert their officers.

Seed banks may wash each plastic that they use for packing with soap and water. This masks the cannabis seeds in a little way and will not cause suspicion to the service dogs.

  • Dont’s of International Shipping

Here is the thing that every cannabis seed banks avoid to ensure guaranteed delivery.
Heavily taping the package seams
If the item has too much tape sealed on the seams or all around the package, it causes a lot of curiosity for the officers checking it. The chances of getting the packaged opened increases because of this.

  • Putting restrictive markings

These marking may include “personal”, “confidential”, or “do not x-ray”. If the package contains these marking, the natural reaction of the people handling the package is to know what is inside. The custom officers might open it just for the sake of knowing why it’s confidential or why it’s not supposed to undergo the x-ray machine.

  • Not Masking the Smell

This will usually apply to the weeds itself but there will be instances that the seed might give off a strong aroma especially if it has been in contact with weed. By not using a masking technique, you are risking your packaged to be sniff by a service dog or someone who’s very familiar with the smell of cannabis.

  • Do’s of International Shipping

These tips will limit the cannabis item from getting seized.

  • Use Vacuum-sealed bags

Using these bags minimizes the risk of the odor from coming out and the package itself becomes a whole lot smaller. Thus, it needs little packaging stuff to go with the item.

  • Layer the Item

Seed banks do this by using several bags that can be sealed tightly and the others keep the odor at bay. It’s also a common practice to have the plastic bags washed with soap and water after adding each bag.

  • Using a brand new box

By using a brand new box gives the assurance that the item has a durable and sturdy packaging. Some seed banks provide cheap packaging, even used cardboard boxes to save up on expenses. But this process will only risk the package.

Low-quality cardboards might get damaged, can be easily opened and might rip apart. This can easily expose the seeds and it will automatically get sized by custom control.

  • Put Business Name as the Return Address

Seed banks do this in cases that a return address is required. A red flag is that if the seed bank uses a name of the individual other than using a business address.

Marijuana seed banks are smart enough not to put their real company name and their real address since they don’t want to risk the package of getting opened.

  • Paying with Cash

Most seedbanks will pay for the package using cash since they don’t want their credit information staying on the courier’s system. Once the information is online, other people may have access to it.

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