How to plant marijuana outdoors

How to plant marijuana outdoors

There are three known ways to grow your marijuana plants. They can be placed in a green house or you plant them indoors or outdoors. In this article, we give emphasis on growing them outdoors as it is the ideal planting environment for cannabis in pot. Growing cannabis is just the same thing when you are growing an ordinary plant but this time, you have to be careful in some of its requirements. Here are some important guidelines that you should follow to begin your weed farming.

All raw materials should be prepared

The raw materials referred here are the essential planting materials that you need. You should ready the cannabis plant seeds (autoflowering is best recommended for beginners), soil preparation, adequate sunlight, and water supply. If all of the raw materials are ready, you can now begin your planting process.

Always plant according to the schedule

For beginners, take note of your cannabis seed purchase. You have to be particular about its flowering time and harvest period. This way, you can plant your marijuana seeds timely and you will achieve your harvest in your desired time. If you are buying an autoflowering type of cannabis seeds, you will not need to worry much about this. They are genetically manipulated, making them resistant to some environmental factors such as freezing and pest infestation.

Assign them to a secured location

It is important that you take precaution and extreme care especially that you are growing cannabis outdoors. Aside from people, you should also protect the cannabis pots from intruding animals. You can try fencing to keep unwanted animals out. If your budget allows, you can also install surveillance cameras to ensure the security and you can monitor their condition from time to time without actually visiting your weed farm.

Cultivate the soil and add nutrients

Aeration or providing the soil with air is important especially for other strains of cannabis that require this much. Use a shovel to cultivate the soil but be sure you are not cutting their roots. The roots need a well-aerated soil so that they can facilitate the flow of nutrients more efficiently.

When adding the nutrients, it is important that you stick to one type of nutrient during the first period of growth. Everything that comes in excessive amounts will cause harm to your cannabis plants. You should be able to determine the type and amount of nutrients appropriate for the plant.


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