Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized

Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500 g/m²
Height 70-80 cm
Flowering Time 70-75 days (10-11 weeks)
Effect Body-relaxing, stress-reducing calmness
THC Level 23%
Growing Easy


Here’s the deal when it comes to the Sativa Cup Winner of 2010, the Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized. It’s a result of the most recent advances when it comes to marijuana genetics, potency, and specific stoning effects. It truly is part of the gold standard of quality marijuana. It’s been said to go above and beyond the oftentimes “rhapsodized” smoke of the past. Nowadays, every puff counts, and this is particularly apparent in the Acapulco Gold strain and its quality effects on top of being feminized and auto flowering (which means you have to deal with fewer intricacies when breeding it, thus it’s a highly recommended strain for newbie hash growers out there). It has captured the spirit of 21st century marijuana breeding, to be sure. Everything nowadays is designer crafted with some sort of unique specialization.

Thus the Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized has a distinct, signature blend that’s hard to replicate. More to the point, like its Acapulco namesake, the Acapulco Gold evokes weed growth at its peak, with visible THC crystals, reddish brown and gold coloring in flecks on firm, gorgeous colas. It truly is like the marijuana equivalent of a tanned, buxom Latina supermodel with deep hazel eyes and sensuous lips. The kisses you’ll be receiving from the Acapulco Gold is a flavorful cocktail full of lingering sensations—sparks, if you will—that will shock you right to your core, down to the very marrows of your bones even. This fruity Sativa-dominant delight offers a long-lasting high that balances relaxation with stimulation that most modern strains are renowned for. It’s mixing business with pleasure, if you will. Some people have a hard time wrapping their head around a stimulating stone.

Or even a relaxing high. It’s as much of a paradox to them as a bright shadow or a dark light. However, that’s exactly what the Acapulco Gold offers. Your body is relaxed, but your mind is still active and creative. Uplifted with absolute euphoria yet without the side effects of excessive stimulation that affects both your brain and your body, thus you’ll feel safe yet energized with this kind of 23% THC high. This is all thanks to the latest cannabis genetic manipulation advances that don’t limit mostly Sativa strains with cerebral highs and mostly Indica strains with couch lock. It truly is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds as long as you have the right combination of strain available. This strain, simply put, is a worthwhile buy. 

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