Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors
Yield 500 – 600 g/m2
Height Average
Flowering Time 55 – 70 days
Effect Relaxing, couch lock, cerebral and mellow high
THC Level 15%
Growing Moderate


The B-52 is known to be one of the best types of weed that you can ever grow. This is known to be a superior type of skunk hybrid, and is known to be loved by skunk strain growers around the world. This is known to be a combination of Big Bud strains and Skunk Special. These two are known to be one of the heaviest yielding plants ever grown. Expect that you will receive lots of yield during harvest as you attempt to grow this one out.

Growing B-52

The plant is one of the best looking strains that you can ever grow. This one is known to have a furry weed that has lots of hairs to the point where you will see its looks as very fuzzy. This plant is known to look awesome at all angles. It has yellow colors for the buds that are surrounded with dark green leaves. It also has full of colorful crystals that covers the buds, and these are where the hairs of the plant grow out. This plant is not too dry, and not too wet; therefore, easy to grind!

This plant smells somewhat like pine tree that has a dank aroma. This is one of the oddest scents that you can encounter due to its skunky nature. But despite that, you will love to smell the plant over and over again to the point where it’s indulging to smoke. The smoke of the plant is known to be very sweet which is why most skunk smokers love to try this one out.

What Users Can Get from the B-52

The effects of the plant are known to be really amazing due to the cerebral high that it produces in the mind, together with a strong high that will make you feel really dizzy, so being couch locked is recommended for minutes. This is perfect for relaxation especially if you want to listen to some music. This is also a reliever when it comes to stress and migraine. This is perfect to smoke during the night where you are doing nothing. This is also well known to be one of the most relaxing weed ever tasted because of its relaxing high that will make you listen to music in a great way!

Purchasing B-52

This plant must become an award winning weed if possible because of its amazing flavor and effects that will take you up to the skies. If you are looking for one of the best skunks ever grown, be sure to purchase B-52 seeds. These can be bought in online weed stores in numerous amounts.

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