Genetics Purple Power X Haze
Climate Indoor Only
Yield 400g/m2
Height 110 cm
Flowering Time 10-12 weeks
Effect Dreamy Head High
THC Level Strong Sativa (22.76%)
Growing Medium


Morpheus is a crossbreed of Purple Power and Haze. It got its name from the god of dreams in Greek mythology that only appears when sleeping. From its name itself, this strain can take the user to the fantasy world of dreamland while being awake. This will make the user physically conscious but mentally asleep. The effects are due to the high level of THC content of the sativa type weed. However, it can still get rid of anxiety and depression.

Growth, Appearance, and Effect

Morpheus can be difficult to cultivate. However, great yields can be achieved when proper caring and nurturing of the weed is done. Choosing an auto-flowering seeds can make a lot easier for beginners. Morpheus can be harvested in just 10 weeks. Every plant can yield in a minimum of 300 grams depending on the climate and environment. Fertilizers and soil additives can help increase its yields. Its body is more compact and bolder than any other cannabis and has light orange leaves. The body of this cannabis is more compact and bolder compared to other type.

Medicinal effects

Marijauna has contributed a lot of benefits in the medical world. Many researches prove that several marijauna strains can elevate and treat several disorders.  Morpheus is one the proven cannabis that is effective in treating anxiety and depression. It boosts the imagination of the user and induces creative dreams that are good in mind relaxation. This type of weed is also effective in elevating muscle pain and joint pain because it contain 0.5% of CBD. Cannabidiol can prevent short-term memory impairment and has neuro-protecting capabilities and anti-ischemic effects. It is also proven that it can help fight various if cancer.

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