White Cookies

Genetics OG X Cherry Pie (Durban Poison X GDP)
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 150-300 grams/m2
Height short
Flowering Time 9-week days
Effect Strong and Lasting
THC Level Extremely High (22.41 %)
Growing Easy to Moderate


White Cookies is the result of research and hybridization of two potent marijauna strain that have high THC content. This originated from California and travelled across continents because of its effect and high yield characteristics. This marijauna is on top of the shelf with high demands from the customers that have tried. One of the high grade strains that has rating of A++ in terms of its yield, appearance, and THC level.

Smell and Taste

It gives off aroma that can please the sense of smell with its acetone and menthol scents. Tasting this gives a unique taste that most of the marijauna buds do not have. It has velvety thick texture smoke that covers the whole mouth with beautiful flavors.

Great Potency

Feel its effect in an instant with just after two puffs from the buds and the high feeling starts from the head and goes throughout the body. it has effect that makes eyelids close in pleasure with high and active mind. The effect constantly increases for about 5 minutes after every puff which spreads to the shoulders and legs immediately. Most people say that it produces interesting things inside the mind that they never felt with other types of strains. The highness then settles in the skin and vibrates there for constant period.

Long Lasting Duration

The high from white cookies will last to about 3 hours for an experience weed user and increase exponentially with those first timers. Novice users can feel its amazing effects for 5 to 6 hours depending on the body’s reaction. Stay nice and high for an entire physical activity because this makes an active body and mind.

Excellent for Medical Use

The High concentration of THC present in its buds gives it high potential ability as medical marijauna. After the high sensation, sleep follows the user making it a good way of aiding people having insomnia. It is a good pain reliever for the patients having spasms specially those having skin pains. This can be very good to be used with people having second degree burn during the painful stages of recovery. It also gives calm mind with relaxed feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

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