Ice Wreck

Genetics Ice x Trainwreck
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 250-450 grams/m2
Height 120-150 cm
Flowering Time 10 weeks
Effect Full Body Stone
THC Level Extreme Strong (27.70%)
Growing Moderate


Ice Wreck is the result of extreme hybridization of Train Wreck and Ice that produces unique feelings when smoked. This is a high quality grade A type of strain made to exhibit the perfect balance of Indica and Sativa for a total blend of feelings. Ice Wreck can be used anytime of the day because it does not induces sleep behavior. This has full body stone effect that can be felt by both mind and body.

Can be grown by Beginners

The Ice Wreck plant can easily be grown by beginners with the aid of grower’s guide that can teach the reader what to do step by step. Experienced growers can optimize the yield and decrease the time of flowering given with exact light, water, nutrients, and care. The normal flowering time is about 10 weeks but it could go down as much as 9 weeks with proper care.

Perfect Indica and Sativa Balance

The Ice Wreck is genetically design to exhibit the effects of both indica and sativa in perfect harmony. The breed has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa in its genes which makes it very versatile in use. Its balance made it very pliant with the climate that it can grow to that is why it can be planted both indoors and outdoors. Also, the effect of both types are embedded inside its buds that you can feel relaxed and yet active.

Full Body Stone Effect

This Ice Wreck can leave the user full body stone the last for long time. The THC content of this strain is one of the highest levels that can result to extreme feelings. This can give instant relaxing and calming feeling without giving the couch lock effect. Be always on the go with the relax sensation all around the body.

Many Medical Uses

The high THC concentration of this Ice Wreck can be very useful to medical patients feeling severe pains because just small puffs of this can eliminate spasm in just few minutes. The pain will be turn into numbing effect after few minutes. Patients having body pains such as rheuma, arthritis, and even cancer can be benefitted upon using this type of weed. This can be very economical also because only small amounts of the buds are used in order to get high. There will be more for you later.

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