Quantitative and Qualitative Analyis of a Good Seed Bank

Quantitative and Qualitative Analyis of a Good Seed Bank

What makes a seed bank a good seed bank to purchase marijuana seeds from? Where to buy weed seed especially quality weed seeds?
Whether it’s your first time to buy cannabis seeds or you’ve done this before, it pays to know what a good seed bank is and how to tell if you are doing business with a good company. In a country where cannabis growing is legal, you need to find a good place to buy your supplies. Here is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of a good seed bank company.

Quantitative Factors to Consider

The number of cannabis strains to choose from

One of the factors that will tell if a seed bank is a good company to do business with is the number of strains that it offers. A good seed bank has to have a wide variety possibly hundreds of seeds to choose from.

As there are hundreds of cannabis strains, a good seed bank has to have sativa seeds, indica, high-CBD, high- THC, medical seeds, landrace strains and so many more. A good shop must also have seeds from Cannabis Cup winners. Truly these factors are things that you might be looking for in a good seed bank as well.

The different types of seeds

When you say a type of seeds these are seeds classified as feminized seeds, regular or photoperiod seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized auto seeds. A company that offers these seeds are considerate to their customers.

This seed bank understands that customers should be able to choose from different seeds to find one that will match their needs.

Guarantees on their seeds

Top seed banks offer some form of guarantee on the viability of their seeds and this is usually expressed in percentages. For example, a popular, reputable seed bank from Canada has a 99% germination rate for their seeds while not too popular companies may only have 80% or even lower.

Basically, the higher the percentage amount, the better the seed quality and vice versa. The germination rate of seeds is based on whether the seeds will sprout or not and if the seeds will sprout after using a particular germination method recommended by the seed bank site.

How expensive or how cheap cannabis seeds are

Another quantitative factor to consider is the price of the seeds. For customers looking for budget seeds, cheap but high-quality seeds is a sign of a good quality seed bank. Also, very expensive seeds may not appeal to all consumers especially first –time growers.

Why are expensive seeds not for novice growers? The fact that most first-time growers are still trying their luck at growing cannabis, only cheap seeds should be used. By the time that they are well-versed in growing easy and cheap strains, they can move on to more expensive and more complicated cannabis strains.

How much Shipment or Delivery Fees are

The price of the delivery and shipment is another important factor to consider to find good seed banks. The right seed bank should have a number of affordable and efficient delivery options. The most common delivery methods are regular delivery, special courier delivery, and stealth delivery options.

The cost of delivery and shipment vary depending on the company, the shipping address, and the product or products which were ordered. Same day deliveries are expensive as well as stealth delivery. Stealth shipment is shipping seeds inside inconspicuous items like gifts and souvenirs.

This shipment method is preferred by people who live in places where cannabis is prohibited because stealth shipment ensures that seeds will get to you safely.

Pro tip: Compare the delivery and shipment prices of different seed banks to get the best deal. You will get a better deal when you take advantage of free deliveries and shipment which are usually according to the total amount you purchased.

How Long does the Shipment take?

Shipments time varies depending on the type of delivery method you chose, your delivery address, the date when your order was processed and the availability of the product you want to purchase.

Traditional delivery can take a month or more depending on where you are located. For local customers, same-day delivery may be provided by a good seed bank. Special deliveries can only take a few days to a week and still, this depends on where you’re located.

The date when the order was processed also matters a lot. If your seeds were ordered on a regular day, expect faster shipment. But if you made a delivery during the holidays and other important dates, it can really take a lot of time to get to you even if you live locally.

How many countries does the seed bank ship to?

A good seed bank is able to cater to many customers around the world and hence, ship their products to different countries. Usually, a seed bank would say that it ships around the world or it could say that it delivers to 10, 20 or 50 countries BUT with an exception. Most of the time, countries with stricter policies on cannabis are exempted like the US and the UK.

Qualitative factors to check out

Recommendations from customers

Smart consumers often check out reviews to find out if the site is reputable or it may be a good site to order seeds from. Reviews are qualitative ways to tell if a seed bank is good or not. It is a reliable way too because you are getting tips from people who have used their services first-hand.

Recommendations are also qualitative. These are based on how a customer thinks about a business and how he trusts the seed bank enough to recommend it to friends or family. Compared to quantitative ways to look for a seed bank, recommendations and reviews are more reliable and should be checked out especially by first-time consumers.

Pro tip: It is good practice to also leave a review for other consumers to check out. Just like buying different products online or offline, you can also make your qualitative analysis of the seed bank as well to help other people make a smart shopping decision online or offline.

Customer ratings

Although customer ratings are mostly numerical such as the number of stars out of five stars or a score out of five, it’s the customers’ experience with the seed bank and how the seed bank conducted business is behind these ratings.

Look for close to perfect ratings or a perfect rating. If you spot 2 or 3 out of 5 ratings, find out why this was given by the consumer.

Usually, consumers provide this score because of negative experiences like missed deliveries, poorly-germinating seeds, expensive seeds, inaccurate promos and deals and so on.

And just like leaving a review, leave a rating! If you have had a wonderful buying experience from a seed bank online, take time to leave a rating. Your small contribution will surely help many consumers make the right shopping decision.

Scam seed banks online

In this modern age, you can’t be too careful online. How many times have you heard about seed bank scam sites out to get your money and your information?

For people new to buying cannabis seeds online, it’s important to learn how to spot scam sites. These lowly sites are happy to engage with people who are too eager to buy cannabis and cannabis seeds online. They know that cannabis is not legal from where the customer is and they know that this customer will do everything just to purchase, including giving his sensitive personal and financial information online.

What are the signs that you are dealing with a scam site?

The overall appearance of the site counts. Scammers have found ways to make their sites fool-proof, therefore, it’s harder to find out if you’re being fooled. There should be images of their products, a page to introduce the company, information about their products, promos and deals and disclaimers about their company.

Don’t immediately believe that a seed bank can deliver “all over the world.” It’s impossible to do this because there are so many countries that are not in favor of marijuana use. Don’t take it if the site gives a 100% guarantee on their seeds too. No one can give a 100% because there will likely be seeds that won’t sprout.

Don’t conduct business with a site that asks for money before shipment is processed. Never send money via bank transfers or account transfers before orders are sent. It is very likely that you’ll never hear from this seed bank again.

Never buy from a seed bank site with hardly any company contact information. If you see that it only has a physical address or only a customer form to order seeds from then order from another site. Remember, you need at least a phone number, email address or chat service to contact customer service in case you need to complain about your order or make changes in your order as well.

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