Seed Banks and Seed Dispersal: Things you Should Know

Seed Banks and Seed Dispersal: Things you Should Know

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to get your hands on pot seeds for sale. That is because marijuana has been legalized in a lot of countries and states in North America and even in South America. You can even practically get seeds in a lot of companies in Colombia. You can also point out the fact that there are now more cannabis users than there ever was in the past.

Because of the increase in demand for marijuana, the cannabis industry is poised to set all-time records in terms of growth. The market for marijuana is only expected to grow at a rapid rate. In line with this, there are also more types of marijuana seeds and strains thanks to the hard work of Seed Banks that have grown into relevance all the way from obscurity thanks to the fast rise of the marijuana industry.

So if you want to take part in this growth, you may want to cultivate your own cannabis seeds in the comforts of your own home or property. To do so, you may want to purchase cannabis seeds in seed banks and other entities responsible for dispersing cannabis seeds.

What are Seed Banks?

The term “seed bank” is not something that is exclusive to the world of cannabis. Seed banks are in fact storage facilities that keep the genetics of certain types of plants safe and well-kept. Because of that, they play a lot of crucial roles in society.

Seed banks allow breeders and farmers to use the genetics of certain types of plants to improve the yields of their crops. And, in case of calamities, diseases, and other externalities that may affect the continued existence of certain plants, seed banks are there to keep their seeds safe so that they can still be allowed to propagate in the future.

When you talk about cannabis seed banks, they are more or less the same as regular seed banks. In the world of cannabis, seed banks are businesses that not only store the genetics of certain strains of cannabis but also sell the seeds of those strains to prospective growers and cultivators.

Because cannabis seed banks store the genetics of cannabis strains, they also develop their own strains themselves. By crossbreeding one strain with another, seed banks create new strains they introduce and sell to the general public. In that sense, cannabis seed banks play a crucial role in the continued evolution and growth of cannabis strains because of how they are at the forefront of strain development.

Though seed banks have been in existence for a long time already, they have only become popular just recently because of the rise of digital technology. As people are now relying more on the internet for even the most basic of necessities, seed banks have also taken advantage of this trend as they are now primarily selling their products online. Just by doing a simple search on the internet, you can practically find dozens of cannabis seed banks.

What are Cannabis Dispensaries?

Cannabis dispensaries are licensed stores that are allowed to sell marijuana (in ready-to-use forms) and cannabis seeds to people who are legally allowed to do so. These dispensaries are mostly found in countries and states where the sale and use of marijuana (medical, recreational, or both) are legal.

There are two types of cannabis dispensaries. The first one is medical marijuana dispensaries, which only sell medical marijuana strains to people who have the necessary medical recommendation to purchase them. Medical marijuana strains can be found in places where medical marijuana is legal.

Meanwhile, if recreational marijuana is also legal in a certain country or state, you may be able to find recreational marijuana dispensaries. Getting marijuana and cannabis seeds from recreational dispensaries is easy. As long as you are of legal age, then you are allowed to purchase weed from these dispensaries.

However, the one thing you might want to consider is that it can be pretty difficult to get your hands on cannabis seeds in dispensaries because of how they are usually rare to come by. Nevertheless, you may still want to try purchasing seeds from a nearby dispensary if cannabis seeds are legal in your area.

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Because anyone can basically use the internet anywhere in the world, it really is not difficult to go to an online seed banks’ website. As such, almost anybody in the world can order from online seed banks so long as the company is willing to ship the seeds in that part of the world. However, the big question here is whether or not it is legal to do so.

Well, IT DEPENDS. Whether or not it is legal for you to buy cannabis seeds really depends on where you are. If it is legal for you to buy and grow cannabis seeds in your state or country, then buying cannabis seeds won’t be too much of an issue for you. The only thing you have to consider in this case is that you should be able to buy the seeds legally from stores and dispensaries licensed to sell them.

For example, in the United States, it is completely legal for you to grow cannabis seeds. But the problem here is that you should only purchase them from dispensaries that are licensed to sell the seeds. If you buy them from online seed banks, there is still a risk of confiscation because cannabis is still federally illegal.

In Canada, the situation is also the same. Although cannabis seed cultivation is perfectly legal, you should only germinate or grow seeds that you were able to procure from legal sources such as dispensaries that are licensed to sell them.

The problem, however, is that it was only just recently when the first legal cannabis seeds in Canada were put up for sale. As such, it is still risky for you to purchase seeds from online seed banks.

Nevertheless, you can still purchase cannabis seeds online so long as you and the seed bank are based in a country or state where marijuana cultivation is legal. If you are from Canada, you may want to try to check out or

Why you Should Still Consider Buying from Seed Banks?

Even though there is a risk that you might run into some issues when you purchase cannabis seeds online, that should not dissuade you from buying cannabis seeds online because there are a lot of advantages of doing so.

  1. Less hassle

The first thing you should consider when buying cannabis seeds from seed banks online is that you no longer have to go through the hassle of commuting or driving to your nearest dispensary. This shouldn’t be much of a problem if you live near a dispensary but if the nearest one is a bit far from where you are, it should be better for you to go online and buy your seeds from a seed bank.

  1. Anonymity

Even though cannabis seeds are legal in some countries or states, you still have to consider the fact that there is still a danger of revealing your private life to the public especially if a lot of people see you going to a dispensary. If you value your privacy and anonymity, it is better for you to buy cannabis seeds online as no one will be able to see you buying the seeds from a dispensary.

Also, the best seed banks keep your details a secret so that you will stay as anonymous as possible. They even ship seeds anonymously so that people will not even know that what is inside the package are cannabis seeds.

  1. There are a lot more seeds to choose from

As mentioned, dispensaries are not exactly the most ideal places to get your cannabis seeds because their selection tends to be limited aside from the fact that there is a chance that they easily run out of seeds.

However, online seed banks have a wider range of strains and seed types for you to choose from because they do not need to be confined by the limits of physical space.

In that sense, they can sell as many seed types and strains as they possibly can. That means that you have more seeds to choose from. This is an ideal situation for you especially if the strain you are particularly fond off is rare or easily runs out of stock in dispensaries.

  1. More payment options

Other than the usual cash or credit options, online seed banks allow you more ways to pay for your cannabis seeds. You can use online payment intermediaries such as PayPal. Some cannabis seed banks also allow you to use cryptocurrency as your mode of payment.

The best ones even allow you to send cash through the mail because most American banks tend to be very hesitant when it comes to transactions involving cannabis seeds.

However, the best cannabis seed banks actually allow you to pay for their seeds using debit or credit without anything related to marijuana on the bank statement. That means that your bank won’t be able to tell that you are paying for cannabis seeds.

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