Buying cannabis seeds online is still more preferred by most growers. But how can you tell if you are dealing with a reputable seed bank online? There are good, reliable sites and there are scam sites. You must be keen on identifying a scam seed bank site if you don’t want to waste your money. Here are sure-fire signs that you are dealing with a scam site.

The Appearance of the Cannabis Seed Bank

By the appearance of the site alone you can easily tell if the site is reputable or not. Check the home page; the name of the company should be easily seen and the different tabs or pages should be clearly identified. If the site is in a native language, there must be a tool that will convert the content to English or in a language that you prefer.

The web page design should be appropriate. Sites with scary, intimidating and dangerous designs are inappropriate and should be completely avoided. A reputable seed bank has straightforward relevant content.

The content of reputable seedbanks is relevant. The first page should introduce the seed bank company, its products or services. It should have a clearly-stated terms and conditions page as well as an about us page.

A Wide Variety of Products to Choose from

A reputable marijuana site has a complete selection of products that they offer. Each product should be expertly described so that customers can understand what’s in store for them. For instance, the seeds of the Northern Lights strain should describe what the strain is, its effects, its growing requirements, its growth data (height, stretch, flowering time, yield, etc.) and other important information about the strain.

The products should be appropriately labeled with a corresponding image for each product. Each product must have a corresponding price as well. The price should be appropriate for the product comparing the price from different seedbanks.

As much as possible, each product should have a review or you can have a chance to make a review as well. This means that the seed bank company wants to hear what their customers think about their products whether these are positive or negative reviews.

A number of customer contact information

A reputable marijuana seed bank has a number of customer contact information. This could only mean that the company can be easily reached in case you need anything. The most common reason for contacting a representative is because of problems with orders.

Missed orders, changes in order information and wrong orders are just some of the reasons why you should contact customer service. You can do this through phone, email, customer contact form or by chat service. A seed bank that has all of these methods will surely be able to provide reliable and quick customer service.

A Wide Variety of Payment Options

As much as possible, a reputable marijuana seed bank should have a number of payment methods. You must be able to choose from options like credit card, debit card, bank transfers, wire transfers, and cash-on-delivery options.

A growing trend nowadays is paying through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This is quite popular but if you find a site that only accepts Bitcoin, purchases your seeds elsewhere. And if the company is asking payments via bank deposits only then this is not a good sign as well.

A Number of Delivery Options

The seed bank should offer a number of delivery methods and the corresponding fee should be stated. From the standard postal deliveries to special door-to-door deliveries, the time it will take for your order to get to you should also be stated.

Another good sign that the seed bank is a reputable company is the availability of stealth delivery. This is a delivery option that will place your order in an unmarked box without labels, logos and any information about the content of the package.

Stealth deliveries will ensure that you receive your order and will be less likely to be apprehended by customs.

Online Reviews Matter

Check reviews of seedbanks online. Positive reviews are great but negative reviews should also be considered. Find out if the company was able to resolve complaints. This is a good sign that the seed bank company is willing to talk to customers and to resolve all issues.

As much as possible, consider three or more good online seedbanks where you will purchase your seeds from. It would be hard to decide which site would be the best.

What you can do is to order a few seeds from each of these seedbanks just to find out if these are reputable or not. Should you encounter problems especially during shipment of your order, then this is not the seed bank for you. Any problems should be flagged.

Check Local Laws Before you Order

Sometimes orders are not delivered because of problems with the customer. Usually, customers fail to understand local laws pertaining to the selling and growing of marijuana. Customers place their orders without knowledge that it is prohibited from where they are located.

So don’t let this happen to you. Make sure that you understand local laws and be mindful of where you are ordering seeds from. The seed bank should deliver to your location and provide you with a tracking number so you can easily track your order from anywhere.

A reputable seed bank has these good qualities and more. Don’t be overly eager to order from just any marijuana seed bank site. Always consider your safety and the security of your orders at all cost.