Types of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

  The popularity of marijuana Marijuana or Cannabis is very popular nowadays because of its medicinal and psychological effect. This was used as anti depressant and a very powerful medicine that can cure different types of mental illnesses and other problems. Because of the medicinal effect of marijuana, more people around the world are learning … Read moreTypes of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

How to plant marijuana outdoors

There are three known ways to grow your marijuana plants. They can be placed in a green house or you plant them indoors or outdoors. In this article, we give emphasis on growing them outdoors as it is the ideal planting environment for cannabis in pot. Growing cannabis is just the same thing when you … Read moreHow to plant marijuana outdoors

Guidelines in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  There are many countries all over the world today that has allowed their citizens to grow marijuana for many reasons, primarily for its medicinal value. Organizations and research teams have already laid out many evidences which can support the idea of the importance of growing marijuana plants. There are also countries where marijuana growing … Read moreGuidelines in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

3 Basic Steps When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Most cannabis growers prefer to plant their cannabis plants indoors because they think it is more secure. However, some growers realize that they do not get much marijuana yield from growing them indoors. Some beginner growers cannot also afford to build their own greenhouse that is why they have no other option but to grow … Read more3 Basic Steps When Growing Marijuana Outdoors