Local Supplier VS Online Seed Bank: Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to sourcing the best marijuana seeds, you have two options, one is through a local supplier and the other is through an online seed bank. But, what is the best place to buy marijuana seeds? What is more convenient for you? Do you need to find a rare cannabis strain? Do you want … Read moreLocal Supplier VS Online Seed Bank: Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

The Best Ways to Produce Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana Outdoors

  There are two ways to grow marijuana plants and that is to plant them indoors and outdoors. But most people prefer to grow them outdoors due to numerous benefits that it gives. One of its benefits is that outdoor plants give huge amount of yields than the indoor ones. Another thing is that it … Read moreThe Best Ways to Produce Marijuana Outdoors

Tips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

tips in growing marijuana outdoors

To start off, in order to set proper expectations, marijuana is quite difficult to grow outdoor if the area is dry and cold. On the other hand, if the location is habitable, then there is no problem growing them. Growing marijuana in certain countries such as England, Scandinavia, America, Ireland and other cold places all … Read moreTips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Types of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

types of marijuana that grows indoors

The Popularity of Marijuana Marijuana or Cannabis is very popular nowadays because of its medicinal and psychological effect. This was used as anti depressant and a very powerful medicine that can cure different types of mental illnesses and other problems. Because of the medicinal effect of marijuana, more people around the world are learning how … Read moreTypes of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

grow marijuana outdoors

]Most cannabis growers would choose growing indoors because of its practicality and safety. In some places, growing indoors can pose various problems and may even prevent the plant from growing successfully. If you are a grower and you noticed you have a vacant spot on your yard, putting it into use can be much helpful … Read moreHow to Grow Marijuana Outdoors