When Is the Best Time to Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

Having a marijuana garden takes a lot of guts and considerations. Since not all people are welcome to this kind of idea, you need to consider where you will plant them. You also need to consider if the place shall provide the nutrients that it needs. If these things were taken seriously, you will surely […]

Ultimate Guide Indoor Growing Tips for Marijuana

ultimate guideindoor growing tips for marijuana

Indoor Growing Tips for Marijuana Indoor growing is one of the most challenging and the most difficult kind of growing when it comes to taking care of cannabis plants. Aside from the fact that it limits the access of the plants to enjoy natural element of nourishment, it may also be the cause of demise […]

Types of Indoor Growing Area for Marijuana

Indoor growing is known to be the best method that you can do for cannabis plants because it is a well known fact that most breeds of pot are not that resistant when it comes to the outdoors, and some are weak when planted on places that they never originated at. Indoor growing can make […]

The Advantages of Growing Marijuana Indoors

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A lot of people think that it is very much convenient to grow cannabis in an outdoor environment. However, if one intends to do this, there are certain things that one has to consider. While it is true that there are various good advantages to be gained when one would grow cannabis outdoors, there are […]

How to plant marijuana outdoors

There are three known ways to grow your marijuana plants. They can be placed in a green house or you plant them indoors or outdoors. In this article, we give emphasis on growing them outdoors as it is the ideal planting environment for cannabis in pot. Growing cannabis is just the same thing when you […]