The Rise of the Canadian Marijuana Seed Companies

The Rise of the Canadian Marijuana Seed Companies

Because of the legalization of cannabis use and cultivation in Canada, there are now more Canadian marijuana seed companies selling online marijuana seeds. This increase in the number of online seed companies has made it possible for more Canadians to grow their own supply at home.

Why are there more seed bank companies in Canada?

As you may have known by now, it is now legal to consume recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. It was in October 2018 when weed became legal in the country. And because of the regulation of cannabis use, the following took place:

  • There are now more cannabis consumers for recreational use

Because of the legalization of weed in Canada, there are now people that turn to weed for recreational purposes. Aside from locals who enjoy consuming weed, there are now visitors/tourists who come to Canada and enjoy good weed. This increase in weed use has inspired people who know how to cultivate good recreational marijuana to start their own seeds company or to grow their own seeds to sell locally.

  • There are more patients turning to medical cannabis for their treatments

Cannabis for medical use has been legal before October 2018 but not everyone was into growing their own supply. Before, people who used marijuana as medicine were also typecast as potheads and were also thought to use their sickness as an excuse to take marijuana.

Now, it is clear that cannabis is not just good for its recreational effects but also for its medicinal effects as well. Medical marijuana is a natural treatment for conditions like pain, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, insomnia, and stress.

There are even studies regarding the use of cannabis in a rare form of seizure in children. To this day, the only marijuana-based drug approved by the FDA for use is for seizures.


Because of this increased number of patients seeking treatment in medical cannabis, more Canadian marijuana seed companies started decided to help. Now, there are more medical strains, high CBD strains and low THC strains available for medical consumers. It is predicted that there will be more patients seeking treatment by using medical cannabis this year and this will surely initiate more consumers wanting to grow their own supply at home.   

  • There are now more people growing their own supply at home

Aside from legalizing the use of weed, it is now legal to grow cannabis in your home or property in Canada provided you follow some rules. Regulation of cannabis growing is maintained by different provinces in Canada and each province has its own specific guidelines on how this is done.

Mostly, growers are allowed only five plants whether growing indoors or outdoors. There are specific instructions about the security of the growing area and the places where growing weed is not allowed. Regulation starts in every municipality to the point that even landlords may pose some rules regarding weed growing in his property.

This growing intention of more people to grow weed has also encouraged more cannabis seed companies to start accepting orders. In British Columbia, there is an estimated $2 to $7 billion worth of profits from growing cannabis province-wide. These figures were from small to medium-scale cannabis growers who would like to partake of the growing cannabis industry in the country.


  • New cannabis dispensaries have been set up

Every province in Canada has a specific cannabis dispensary where dried cannabis, oils, seeds, headgear, and growing accessories may be purchased. These dispensaries were prepared months before the legalization started.

Consumers say that although these dispensaries were able to accommodate them, the shops were not enough to take all orders. Pretty soon, there were hardly any products left for customers. Same goes for customers who ordered their seeds and cannabis products online.

This outcry has not fallen into deaf ears.

Online Canadian seed banks are now replenishing their stocks and are ready to accept more orders from customers. They would like to provide their customers with the best service and products and at the same time support the marijuana industry.

  • The rise of Canadian marijuana seed companies

With an increase in demand in both recreational and medicinal cannabis, it is but fitting to have more marijuana seed companies to sell more seeds. There are only a handful of federally-approved seed companies and growers at the moment but the future looks bright.

This year or the year after, there will surely be more companies doing business in Canada.

Growing cannabis in Canada is legal for as long as you follow regulations. If you don’t want to grow your own supply or just don’t have the area or the equipment you can authorize someone else to do it for you. Find out more about the legal growing of cannabis from your provide by getting updated information online.

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