Top 5 Canadian Seed Bank that Offers 100% Guaranteed Delivery

Top 5 Canadian Seed Bank that Offers 100% Guaranteed Delivery

If you have just recently purchased cannabis seeds online, the last thing you would want to wish for is the customs officers seizes your item. For most Canadian marijuana seed banks, it can be challenging to have the item shipped in countries that have more strict border laws.

Some seed banks will use different strategies just to make sure the package gets delivered 100% guaranteed. We’ll tell you more about seed banks that offer 100% guaranteed delivery anywhere in the world. Continue reading and you might want to take notes of these seed banks with guaranteed delivery.

Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks that Guarantees 100% Delivery

Here’s the list of the top 5 Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks that will give you a 100% delivery so you won’t have to stress of waiting for a cannabis product.

Sun West Genetics

Sun West Genetics also guarantee that they inspect their seeds for quality, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable. Their strains have differences in sizes, shapes, and color.

They ship in all countries of the world, however for a Canadian customer, they will receive their package in original branded packaging while for the rest of the world including the USA, discreet shipping is practiced.

Sun West Genetics is already familiarized with the ins and outs of cannabis shipping. Most of the packages will get through most of the time but they might not get away from countries with more strict security checks.

They use stealth delivery that uses items that will go along with the product, these are sex toys, wallet, cellphone case, tampons, automotive tools, beads and a whole lot more. By doing this, it assures the customers that the seeds will get through custom check successfully.

They offer 2 shipping options, the regular one that is used for Canadian Customers, While for those in the US or other international countries, they require taking the expressed registered shipping with tracking.

Sonoma Seeds

Being a premium cannabis supplier, Sonoma Seeds assure its customers that they are selling top quality marijuana seeds. These seeds are handpicked to provide strains of high quality with the best genetics.

They go by the motto “Grow organically” which means they believe that the best quality cannabis plants have been grown in the most natural way possible.

They offer 3 different shipping options, the first one being free shipping for orders over $300, regular shipping that takes 3-21 days depending on your location and the express tracking that will take 3-14 days also depending on the address.

They also ship globally, they acknowledge the fact that some countries can be difficult to slip into, but as a long time member of the cannabis industry, they have mastered discreet shipping that has been used by most companies to ensure guaranteed delivery.

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds offer top quality cannabis seeds and are one of the largest cannabis strains sellers in the online world. They have 3000 varieties of cannabis seeds that you can choose from.

Their library is composed of a diverse range of feminized, regular, autoflowering seeds as well as those who have potent levels of CBD and THC. They also aim to launch new strains every year.

They offer worldwide shipping, Canadian customers will receive the packages in the original form while for those located in other parts of the world, the package might go with a flash drive, flashlight, and other items.

The good thing about Rocket Seeds is that the cannabis seeds are packed inside special packaging that is properly sealed to ensure freshness and viability.

Just a reminder from Rocket Seeds, importing seeds to other countries can be difficult that’s why they recommend you using Expressed Registered shipping. While for orders that have been seized by customs and they paid for the express registered to ship, you can rest assured that Rocket seeds will reship the order.

MJ Seeds Canada

They offer the best strains from some of the most popular kinds of cannabis in the world. All of their strains listed on their website are for sale with worldwide delivery. They also offer free cannabis seeds if you have placed an order with MJ Seeds Canada.

They cannabis selection varies from indoor, outdoor, feminized to medical marijuana seeds. Their worldwide shipping is discreet and stealth as they never use their logo or even mention their products on the packaging.

The seeds are going to be shipped in a protective package and they are constantly changing the methods of how they ship their products. Your seeds may come with electronic equipment to toys and even birthday cards.

They have guaranteed delivery with $30 or $60 shipping options. These options come with tracking and insurance that allows the company to know if the package has been delivered. In case of loss by the courier service or seizure from customs, you can be assured that MJ Seeds Canada will reship your order.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds caters to different types of cannabis growers whether you are a novice grower or an experienced one. You will be given options from indica, sativa, to hybrid marijuana plants that have different levels of THC and CBD.

They have begun operations in Canada but they ship worldwide with a state-of-the-art marijuana seed packaging. The packaging ensures freshness and the orders are shipped discreetly and with complete privacy.

The authentic Crop King Seeds packaging can only be sent to Canadian customers while a discreet way of packaging will be employed to those located in other countries.

Crop King Seeds offer 2 types of shipping method, the first one is the regular shipping for Canadian Customers. This will take 2-7 business days depending on the area. For those who live in remote areas, it might take up to 7 days.

The other shipping method is Express Registered with Tracking Guaranteed Delivery with Insurance. It comes with the No Signature Required feature and for items that have been seized by customs, they will reship.

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