Top 5 Seeds Banks in Canada

Top 5 Seeds Banks in Canada

Seed banks in Canada offer a variety of cannabis strains that can suit your preferences, whether you want to grow indoors, outdoors, autoflowering and feminized seeds. Provinces in Canada have designated dispensaries where people can avail cannabis seeds legally. A lot of people are considering to buy from top seed banks in Canada because they are legitimate and professionals.

With Canada seed banks, you have an assurance that if something goes wrong, they would be willing to back you up because they prioritize customer satisfaction. Seed bank companies are knowledgeable about cannabis that is why they know what their customers want. The reputation of a seed bank is reflected in the quality and type of cannabis seeds they grow.

In this post, you’ll learn the top seed banks in Canada, so you can make the right choice when ordering online or from the actual dispensary. Let’s get started!


1. Crop King Seeds

This seed bank started in the 2000s but it had to stop the operation last 2005 because of Canadian issues about cannabis cultivation but to continue its good work, they’ve started their business venture in the United States particularly in Colorado and Washington where they have successfully established their name.

When Canada paves way for cannabis cultivation. Crop King Seeds returned to their roots in Calgary, Alberta Canada and started expanding all over 100 retail stores. Crop King Seeds choose cannabis plants with a high level of THC and CBD for commercial and personal use. They feature 36 of the world’s best marijuana strains, which are mostly feminized and autoflowering varieties. Most of their strains are exclusively bred their own.

This seed bank is popular in Canada, offering high-quality cannabis strains in a professional way through their easy-to-navigate website. Also, you’ll find Crop King Seeds retail stores across Canada plus they have different shipping options worldwide. This seed bank is one of the most impressive companies in the online world.

Most customers agree that this seed bank is a perfect place where they can purchase their favorite cannabis seeds with peace of mind. Your ordered cannabis seeds are delivered within the expected delivery date, and if the order fails to arrive, they’ll resend another one to complete the delivery.

2. Sun West Genetics Seed Bank

This cannabis seed company has been in the business for 10 years. They provide quality cannabis seeds that are personally harvested by their cannabis cultivators to ensure freshness. Their motto in business is for healing and enlightenment because they believe in the power of cannabis when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana. If you’re a medical cannabis grower or consumer, Sun West Genetics is a good choice.

  • Since they grow their own cannabis strains, you have an assurance that they can provide affordable but quality cannabis strains. This seed bank offers different cannabis strains that will fit your needs and preferences. The company is confident that their strains have 80% germination success rate as long as the germination method is followed successfully.

3. Sonoma Seed Bank

This cannabis seed bank is located in a heritage downtown district in Petaluma. Even if you are not going to buy cannabis seeds from them, you would be interested to go and visit the place because their interior is fascinating. They offer over 1000 non-GMO seeds and a wide variety of cannabis seeds that are commonly cultivated.

Sonoma Seed Bank also have employees that are well-trained and knowledgeable about cannabis cultivation and gardening ideas. They will also assist you if you can’t decide on what kind of cannabis strain to buy. You can always ask cannabis questions from their expert sales staff and even proactively provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of your desired marijuana strain.

4. Beaver Seed Bank

This cannabis seed bank started in 2009. It is a 100% Canadian-owned company in Vancouver, Canada. Beaver seed bank offers high-quality strains that many customers are looking for. Beaver Seed Bank is well known for its fast delivery. They also offer same day shipping. Before shipping the cannabis seeds, they ensure that your seeds are all safe in a stealthy package to avoid being seized in customs.

5. MJ Seeds Canada

This cannabis seed bank offers the most popular kinds of the marijuana plant from cannabis seeds that are grown indoors, outdoors, feminized and autoflowering seeds. They claim that their seeds are the cheapest among the other seed banks in Canada. MJ Seeds Canada offers special deals and promotions every month that attracts a lot of customers.


Why Choose Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada

1. Sell High-quality Cannabis Seeds

Seed banks in Canada strive for good quality seeds because of competition. One of their goals is to ensure that the seeds they provide are always on top of the line. These seed banks are also experts in drying, curing and cultivating cannabis.

2. Sell 100% Female Strains

Canadian seed banks usually sell female strains because these strains can give you high yields. The vision of these seed bank companies aims to give the best quality and high yielding cannabis seeds to their customers.

3. Wide Variety of Cannabis Seeds

There are thousands of cannabis strains in the market that are hard to find. A cannabis seed bank is the best place to search for a specific cannabis strain conveniently.

4. Good Deals and Price

Not only that seed banks compete for high-quality products, but they also sell their products at a reasonable price. Every seed bank also offers money-saving opportunities which are a great factor for customers.

How to Find a Legit Cannabis Seed Bank in Canada

According to Forbes, one of the cannabis trends includes the major lift in the cannabis business sector, wherein entrepreneurs will successfully execute their business plans. It is because consumers are spending money on cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes with the positive trend in legalization or acceptance of cannabis. So it is expected that the major lift in cannabis consumption will jump up to 40% as compared to previous years.

There are a lot of cannabis seed bank on the internet, If you are just a newbie in cultivating marijuana, doing your own research about how to acquire cannabis seed is very important to avoid different scam circulating on the internet.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Seed Bank

1. Reputation of the Seed Bank

Considering the company’s reputation is an important factor to consider because it is your basis if the company can deliver good quality products. The company’s reputation may be seen on the number of years they have been operating. Another way of checking if you’re dealing with a reputable company is through customers’ feedback and reviews as shown by the honest real-life experiences of their customers.

2. Delivery and Packaging

A lot of customers purchase online for convenience. Even if the seeds are of high-quality, if it will not be delivered on time and the packaging is not presentable, then it would a major turn-off. The packaging should be shipped discreetly so that it won’t be suspicious. The company should also choose a courier service that provides on-time delivery with tracking details provided so that you would know the estimated day of delivery.

3. Strain Variety

It is an additional point if your seed bank has different strains to choose from. If you are a beginner it would be easier if your preferred strain is available that will meet your needs. The cannabis seed bank should be able to provide you with the exact strain especially if you would want to cultivate cannabis for pleasure or for personal purposes.

4. Excellent Customer Service

The well-being and satisfaction of customers should be the number 1 priority that should be considered in looking for a reputable seed bank. It is also important to check if someone will help you if something goes wrong or if you have queries about the product. There are seed banks that offer 24 hours service through chat, phone or email.

5. Payment Options

In choosing for a reputable seed bank, paying for the cannabis seeds purchased should not be a hassle. It is convenient if they would accept payments from major debit or credit cards. There are also companies that accept payments through Bitcoins, cash payments, and wire transfers from different payment centers worldwide.


One of the coolest thing about Canada’s seed banks is that they have special offers and promotions. Even though you can’t avail their products through their coupon codes, you can still get a discount by buying in bulk. You won’t be dismayed by their customer service because you can reach them through a call, email, or chat, and really friendly staff would listen to your concerns. This is the reason why most customers would not want to purchase from resellers because if something goes wrong they cannot to your concerns in a timely manner. Seed banks in Canada ensure fast and on-time delivery service because the Canadian mail system is considered as the best courier service in the whole wide world.

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