Top Payment Methods Used by Online Cannabis Seed Banks

Top Payment Methods Used by Online Cannabis Seed Banks

There are several methods of payment when buying marijuana seeds in Canada online. Most of these methods are discrete so customers won’t have to worry about exposing their identity. You can find experts and influencers who are promoting top payment methods such as Dr. Michele Ross.

Payment Methods for Marijuana Seeds Canada Online Cash   

Paying through cash is a common payment method. Most online cannabis seed bank would ask you to send the full amount in paper bills in an envelope that is well covered and stamped.

However, one should understand the risk of paying through cash. As you send cash it the mail, you also have to know that you will do this transaction in your own risk. The cannabis seed bank is most likely not answerable for any loss of cash during transit.

Bank Transaction

Paying through bank transaction is also an option. Select the “bank transfer” option. The processing of your order shall be completed and an order number shall be forwarded. Customer will receive a confirmation email where the bank details are indicated.

Settle your payment but make sure to indicate your name as well as your order number. Once the payment is received, your order will be shipped.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum

If you want to use the safest method of paying online, then cryptocurrencies should be the best choice.

Bitcoins, Litecoin, and Ethereum are kinds of digital currency which are completely circulated. This implies that there is no third party entangled in the transactions.

If you choose to pay through cryptocurrencies:

  • Your identity can remain anonymous.
  • There can be no exposure to identity theft. Cryptocurrencies do not require personal information.
  • Payments are conveniently transmitted from anywhere in the world in as fast as seconds or minutes. Therefore, there is no need to wait in the bank to process the payment.
  • Fees are either low or zero. Because there is no middleman involved, there is no person to cause price inflation.

The circulated design of Bitcoin, mixed with its impassable encoding turns it to be absolutely safe, and currency-free. Simply create an online account in CoPay, Coinbase, Trezor, Exodus, or Mycellium. Online cannabis seed banks are aware that most of their clients are very particular in keeping their privacy and this is the reason why becomes an ideal payment option in purchasing cannabis seeds.

Once you have placed your order online, the seed bank will give you their Bitcoin payment details, along with the modified Bitcoin price as well as the address of the transaction.

Amazon Gift Card

If you are exasperated from the prepaid cards which charge you around $5.95, then consider buying an Amazon Gift card. This will save you anxiety and fees.

Some online cannabis seed bank trades their seeds with Amazon Gift card. To do it, just simply scrape off the back portion of the card to reveal the code, tell the seed bank about the code, and once they confirm it, your order shall be considered paid depending on how much the card covers.

Remember, the Amazon Gift card must be 100% unused.

Google Play/Google Wallet

Google Play is a simple and quick method to do the payment in huge numbers of places – stores, online, your friends, and so much more. You can refer to the hundreds of apps without inputting payment information. Settle the payment conveniently on numbers of websites without any fees to the receiver and the sender.

The Google Play or Google Wallet account should be associated with an occurring bank account or debit card. Google will require you to authenticate a minimal donation that they dropped in your account. The moment it is authenticated, you may add money to your account in Google Wallet and may immediately send the money any time through the use of your Google Wallet account.

Square Cash

Advertised as the fastest mean to process payment to anyone, Square Cash is a kind of peer-to-peer payments utility which lets people send and receive money from the comfort of their desktop computer or mobile device without any fees for the sender. Square Cash should be associated with an existing bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Credit Cards

Paying through credit cards is also a simple and quick method of payment. Many cannabis seed banks accept Mastercard and Visa payments.

Customer is expected to review the invoice as well as the details of the address and input the details of his credit card. A valid and working email address will also be required as this will be used by the seed bank to communicate with you for any additional instructions as well as send you the shipping confirmation once the order has been shipped.

Some online cannabis seed banks are giving two options for credit card payments. One may opt to settle the payment with a credit card that is linked to the Square Cash account. Or the seed bank will send an invoice to the customer with a second approach of paying using the credit card.


A lot of people are loving marijuana seeds because of their various effects. Cannabis influence, Coral Reefer, is very vocal about her love for cannabis and that she enjoyed each day of learning more about the plant.

In buying marijuana seeds Canada, choose the most secure and safest payment method. Whichever payment method you will use, make sure that it is clearly accepted by the seed bank.

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