Types of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

Types of Marijuana that Grows Indoors

The Popularity of Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis is very popular nowadays because of its medicinal and psychological effect. This was used as anti depressant and a very powerful medicine that can cure different types of mental illnesses and other problems. Because of the medicinal effect of marijuana, more people around the world are learning how to plant and grow marijuana in their homes, whether it will be outdoor or indoor growing.

The Advantage of Growing Marijuana Indoors

If you want to grow marijuana on indoors, that will be just fine. Growing indoors has lots of advantage. First, your plants will be safe from animals and at the same time other people around you. It will also provide lots of convenience of you only have a small space outside your house.


To start your indoor plantation, you need to know what types of marijuana that grow indoors are.

Types of Indoor Marijuana

  • Afghan Cannabis – this type of weed is crossbreed of different types of Kush. This is a 100% pure indica, which came from the mountainous part of Afghanistan. This strain has round leaves and you can easily plant them inside your home or put them on a pot. This variety does not have more crystals, which makes it resinous but its hash like smoke are smoother and richer. Afghan is known to cure muscle pains and prevent people from vomiting.
  • Aurora Indica Cannabis – Aurora is a cannabis weed that has more crystals. It is more resinous and is an indica strain. You can see its leaves are like filled with snowdrops. This is one of the most potent types of cannabis and it produces a relaxing and narcotic aroma. This strain can be planted indoors under the right condition.
  • Black Jack Feminized Cannabis – this type marijuana is produced by genetic procedure by combining two marijuana strains, which is Jock Horror and Black domino. Because of these two strains, the black jack exists and produced a grape calyxes like buds. Its smoke produces lots of flavors and produces heavy effect.

Blue Mystic Cannabis – the blue hues and snowy leaves are one of the characteristics of Blue Mystic. Its buds were heavy and have a velvet blue hue. The color of the bud is also a perfect indicator that the plant is under good condition and is well taken care of. It has a fruity berry taste and can be planted indoors.

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