Why Canada is the Best Place to Buy Weed Seeds?

Why Canada is the Best Place to Buy Weed Seeds?

Have you ever wondered why buying seeds Canada is easier and far better compared to buying marijuana seeds from other countries?

It is definitely better and safer when you buy from seedbanks from Canada. Ask anyone who has shopped from online and local seedbanks in the country and they’ll give you the following reasons why:

It is Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Canada


October 2018 was a significant day for Canadians. This day marks the legalization of cannabis use in the country. Cannabis is now legal to buy cannabis seeds and grow them whether you’re growing recreational or medical cannabis. It is also legal to consume cannabis and to possess cannabis up to a certain limit.

And because of the regulation of cannabis growing in Canada, growers, and breeders are able to cultivate different forms of cannabis strains for medical or recreational use.

But with regulation comes major changes in Canada’s cannabis laws. You can buy as many seeds as you want but you are only allowed to germinate four plants.

Medicinal cannabis growers are allowed to grow cannabis according to their dosage but when it comes to the type of weed or strain, it’s up to the breeder as to the strain that they prefer to grow.

So as you can see, despite regulation, growers have a complete advantage when they are from Canada. Growers and breeders here enjoy complete independence for as long as they follow specific growing regulations.

This is Where Top Strains are Grown in North America


Ask any consumer and marijuana connoisseur and they’ll agree that cannabis strains from Canada are among the best.

From high yielding sativas to short but top yielding indicas, you will find only the best strains with the most potent effects.


Over the past months that Canada has legalized the use of medicinal and recreational weed, the following Canadian strains were widely searched online:

  • Gorilla Glue – a hybrid strain that Canadians have become curious about since marijuana was legalized. Also called Original Glue or GG4, Gorilla Glue has a heavy-handed stimulating effect coupled with relaxation. The term “Glue” describes what users really experience when taking this strain: they become glued to the couch!
  • Pink Kush – this indica-dominant strain is one of the classic strains used by Canadians. It has a very powerful body-centered high coming from its bright green colored buds. You will absolutely love the sweet perfume and potent vanilla. Be sure to take this a dose at a time because it could really be too potent especially if you are new to taking cannabis.
  • Blue Dream – this is a top-searched strain because of its potent effects. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid has a balanced, calming and full-body relaxation and cerebral stimulation. This may be used by first time users and seasonal consumers.
  • White Widow – this is a very popular strain for breeding and in fact, it may be responsible for a number of strains found in the West Coast. White Widow offers a powerful blast of energy that will instantly wake you with very little side effects.                                                                                                                                                       

The Canadian Climate

Cannabis plants are hardy plants that can survive in almost all growing environments. From the tough dry climates of the Middle East to the freezing temperatures in Russia, you’ll find strains that are able to survive these climates

Canada has varying climates from south to north, east to west. But despite this growers have mastered how to cultivate their plants.

These top marijuana growers are able to grow all kinds of strains including strains that can be grown indoors, outdoors, inside greenhouses and even inside grow tents and cabinets.

You will find Helpful and Talented Growers and Breeders in Canada

Admit it. Canadians are the most polite and helpful people! If you are a new grower and wish to buy seeds to grow weed for your own consumption, you can ask help like tips and techniques for growing all kinds of strains.

But how do you contact these Canadian growers? The best way is to personally talk to growers and breeders. This is only possible when you are in the country and are able to visit actual seedbanks.

You may also use the help section or contact us pages of Canadian seedbank sites. You will be able to talk to a representative who can help you with anything to know about cannabis growing.

Most seedbanks authorized to sell seeds in Canada are operated by trained representatives that can help customers with their questions about growing and breeding cannabis. Compared to countries where growing is prohibited and inquiring about growing cannabis is illegal, Canadian seedbank companies will be glad to help you out. Just ask away.

You can ask about the growing requirements of different stains indigenous to Canada or not. You can ask about the best soil, nutrition, water and environmental conditions for strains.

And if you are thinking of growing in hydro or cultivating plants using aeroponics then you may also get help from top breeders in the region as well. Aeroponic growing is cultivating plants in air. The plant is hung high with the roots suspended. Foliar spray is used to apply water and liquid nutrients to the plant roots. The spray has to be applied several times a day so that the plant roots will not dry out.

There are a large number of breeders that have chosen to grow organic marijuana plants. Organic and green marijuana farming has become very popular owing to the demand for healthy, top quality medical strains.

If you would like to grow medical marijuana and would like to know how it’s done, you may find good resources from Canadian breeders online.

You can get more Deals from Canadian Seedbanks

Aside from the valuable information that you can get from growers from these online Canadian sites, you can also get the best deals.

Year after year, season after season, online and local seedbanks from Canada have special deals and promo offers. Be sure to check these deals out and read the deal’s terms and conditions first before you place your order.

The most common offers from seedbanks include

  • free seeds
  • free deliveries
  • free stealth shipment
  • discount offers
  • promos for special customers
  • promos per season

Canadian seedbanks accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Canadian seedbanks have updated their payment systems to include cryptocurrency. At present, Bitcoin is the most trusted cryptocurrency second only are Litecoins and the like.

Bitcoins are popular, highly valuable but the value fluctuates depending on the demand. A single Bitcoin may be worth $200 today and could depreciate to $120 tomorrow. Therefore you must take advantage of higher cryptocurrency values to buy anything you wish especially cannabis seeds.

To stay updated with the cryptocurrency values consider subscribing to cryptocurrency sites so you’ll know if your money is enough to buy the cannabis seeds you wish to buy.

How to use Bitcoin when Paying for Marijuana Seeds Online

You need a Bitcoin wallet to be able to pay or buy anything online. The wallet will act as an online payment system that will connect to shops and stores online or offline so you can buy seeds.

To be able to use Bitcoin to pay for cannabis seeds, make sure that the seedbank you want to purchase from accepts Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency.

Do not immediately presume that a seedbank site accepts cryptocurrencies. If this is not stated on the main page or in the site’s terms and conditions page then you may call customer service to get the latest information.

Some Canadian Seedbanks accept COD Payments

Another reason why it’s best to order from Canadian seedbanks is that these companies accept cash on delivery option, this is usually available for customers who wish to order and have these delivered to their mailing address.

COD deliveries will only be released to the person who purchased the order. You will be asked to present your identification card to verify your age. If you are unable to receive your order at home, assign someone who is 19 years or older and who has an identification card to prove his age.

Cash on delivery payments is usually applicable to local customers. Some Canadian seedbanks accept international orders but their COD payment option is for local customers only.

Please Remember the Following when Buying Seeds Online

Buy only from Canadian websites that are accredited by the provincial government. You can find a complete list of buying seeds Canada online seedbanks online.

Take note that till this day, there are so many cannabis companies, breeders and growers who would like to apply for accreditation to become legit suppliers. With so many new online seedbanks, it will become harder to find the best site.

Always take time to read reviews and to ask around. Find someone who has ordered seeds online before and inquires where he has purchased these. When you shop smart, you will easily find the best cannabis site to order y our seeds from.

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